Monday, December 13, 2010

Modern . . . Holidays

'Tis the season for pointed blog posts, right? =) I don't know about you, but my family's is full Christmas swing--the house is decorated, the tree is up (go, blue spruce!), gingerbread and chocolate chip cookies are baked.

This morning as I got up, bleary eyed (got a bit of a cold), and began contemplating what to blog about today, I started thinking about my characters, and wondering how they all celebrate Christmas.

One of my favorite contemporary characters, Louisa, didn't get to have Christmas on-page in her book, but I can well imagine the holiday at her family's oceanside inn. It would be decked out beautifully, with greens everywhere and a festive, elegant tree. Her 8-year-old twins would be tearing through the place with that unparalleled "we're off school!" excitement. Louisa would go about the holiday quietly, but with abundant laughs at her family's antics. She'd have selected gifts very carefully over the previous months, finding deals on those special things that will make her babies' eyes light up. And in the year my story about her takes place, Christmas will be even more special than usuall--it's the first year she and Rem are married, their family finally complete.

In the book currently called Love Me Silly, I actually end the book on Christmas in my epilogue. Heroine Davina has gotten red and green streaks in her hair for the holiday--and to annoy her oh-so-proper mother. ;-) Her family, along with hero Keaton's, always travels to the Big Bear Mountains for Christmas, and this year is no exception. Nestled cozily in an old-fashioned cabin (no doubt equipped with every possible convenience, mind you, just cleverly, expensively disguised to look old-fashioned, LOL), the families string popcorn and cranberries for the tree and revel in having everyone together again.

I don't imagine the plotline of Seized will stretch from May (where the action begins) to December, but I smile to think of Cantara's first real Christmas. She was Bedouin, you see, so wouldn't have celebrated Christmas growing up. And though villain Andre probably put on a good show for the occasion, where she would have been expected to appear in high fashion, it wouldn't have meant anything. But this year . . . this year she'll have a faith rooted in the coming of the Christ. This year she'll be surrounded by loving family for the first time. This year will be magical.

There are a ton of Christmas novels out there, of course, and I always enjoy diving into a few this time of year. Yet I've never written a story revolving around Christmas. Hmm, maybe one of these days I will!

Writers, how do your characters celebrate the holidays? Readers, what's your favorite Christmas-themed book? Do share!


  1. I can see your characters acting exactly how you wrote it. :)

    Mine: In Music Within Their Hearts: Emma would be busy getting the boarding house in the proper shape, finding the exact presents to suit everyone.

    In Catch Me if You Can, Tara would put off the shopping til the last minute & do as little decorating as possible.

    Denton in Hog Insane would want something lavish for his wife but would hate the shopping and probably end up getting the wrong thing. :)

    May you & yours have a wonderful Christmas, Ro!

  2. I think I'm a bit like Tara, Carole. =) I never even START shopping until December, and these days everything else happens only because the kids bug me about it, LOL.

    Wishing a wonderful Christmas to you and yours too!!