Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Last Day!

Well, today's the last day of the book signing. All those hours of preparation, all those days of book sales, are drawing to a close. Have you found that perfect Christmas gift for the booklover in your life yet? Or for yourself? Well get thee over to the CRoB!

No, I didn't really intend to make that my entire post for the day, but we're having water issues here--one of the pump thingies isn't pumping drained water up to where it's supposed to, which means all drained water is instead streaking across our basement floor, aimed at the drain there. So not right. I have been forbidden to use any water other than the toilet and bathroom sink. And given that I'm really not in the mood for "bathing" in my sink, I need to get my kiddos out the door here very soon so I can go beg a shower off my mother.


Yeah, so if you want to pray this water thing is an inexpensive fix (you know, the kind that DOESN'T require digging up the yard or anything) and an easy one, too, that would be awesome.

Happy Tuesday, everyone!


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