Monday, December 27, 2010

Happy 3rd Day of Christmas!

Is anyone else having a tough time wrapping their minds around the idea that it's MONDAY again? As in, a work day? My hubby has to get back to the normal grind today, and I finally realized at almost 8 that, gee, I guess I should blog. Sheesh.

But you know, I have a very traditional excuse for my forgetfulness. In these modern times we tend to put all the hype before Christmas, so that there's all this build-up and then--THEN--it's over. Kaput. The kids are left looking around with dazed eyes and that "what just happened" expression, muttering over and over again, "Where are my presents? Are there more presents?" They just can't quite grasp this explosion of stuff that happens one day a year.

Makes me wish we still celebrated the 12 Days of Christmas in this day and age, drawing out the giving and holiday spirit after Christmas Day. Wouldn't it be great if our Savior's birth were the start of something in our celebration, instead of the end of it??

I think so. And so maybe I'll embrace that as much as possible in our house. I can't exactly tell my hubby he shouldn't work (oh, but if we could pull that off!), but I want to savor the joy of the season this year. I want to forget about schedules and obligations and bask in the glory of that little baby coming, with such a great commission over him already. I want to contemplate the miracle of God becoming man. I want to bring my gift before the Christ child and offer him all I am, all I dream, all my heart.

It took the magi years to get to Jesus with their gifts. In my mind, that means that Christmas and all it represents is a process. Giving our best to Him is a journey. Let's start on it now and pray this coming year is one of total surrender to our Lord and King.

Enjoy the continuation of the Season, everybody!


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