Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thoughtful About . . . My Latest Brilliant Idea

Actually, my hubby and I had this brilliant idea years ago, but we only ever remembered it when it was too late to implement for Christmas. Not so this year!

Curious yet? Biting your nails in suspense? Only, I suspect, if you're not on any lists or loops with me--if you are, then you probably already saw my announcement. But just in case . . .

We're putting together an online book signing! A what, you ask? A Christmas Book Signing Bash, that's what. Over 50 (yes, I typed that correctly--OVER FIFTY) authors are joining up to sign books for you, and no one has to leave the comfort of their computer for it!

Beginning the day after Thanksgiving, the Christian Review of Books in conjunction with CrossPurposes Bookstore will be featuring these 50+ authors and their books, giving you a little sampling of fun trivia about them and then letting you order autographed, personalized copies of their books. They'll sign them and ship them to you or your intended recipient, and voila! Things you thought you could only get from physical book signings are delivered straight to your door!

Pretty cool, eh? The author community obviously thinks so. Of course, we're going to need help spreading the word about this fun event, so if you'd be interested in posting about it on your blog or any other forums you can think of (including announcing it at off-line locales as well), shoot me an email at roseanna (at) whitefireprinting (dot) com and I'll email you the graphics and blurbs next week when we've got them!

Now . . . wondering who all you can expect to see at this shindig? Here are just a few:

Me (obviously, right?)
Laurie Alice Eakes
Stephanie Morrill
Anita Higman
Nicole O'Dell
Deborah Vogts
Trish Perry
Margaret Brownley
Mary Connealy
Lena Nelson Dooley
Cynthia Ruckti
Vickie McDonough
Rita Gerlach
Sandra Byrd
Martha Rogers
Melanie Dickerson
James Rubart
Maureen Lang
Ronie Kendig
MaryLu Tyndall
Kathi Macias
Vanetta Chapman

And more! But you know, I'm not copying my whole list. =) There will be Christmas books, biblical fiction, Amish stories, romance of every imaginable genre, suspense, mystery, young adult . . . something for everyone on your list!!

We're a little excited over here. And a little overwhelmed with thoughts of it, truth be told. Can't wait to see how all this comes together!


  1. I'm very excited to be a part of it! What good company I'm in!

  2. And more great company is still signing up! Sheesh, I'm going to need a clone. Anybody know how to clone me? Or maybe be willing to play a clone of me? ;-)

  3. Do you think anyone dares to clone another Ro? As good as she is; she's a tornado (a good one, believe it or not) in action. :) You'll get it all done!

    P.S. I'll be glad to advertise for you too.

  4. This sounds so awesome, Roseanna! I'm definitely going to be perusing the books for possible Christmas gifts (maybe for myself!). I'm very excited about this! =)