Friday, November 26, 2010

The Signing Is LIVE!

It's official, folks! The Christmas Book Signing Bash is LIVE!!! We've already sold our first books, and we are ready and waiting to take your orders too. Hop on over!

This is still a little amazing to me--when I had this idea I was expected maybe 25 authors. Then maybe 50. We ended up with 79 (!!!!!) authors with 190 books. Yowza! (And hence why for the last three weeks I've barely had time to do anything else.)

Last night my hubby asked me, "So what are your expectations for this?"

I replied. "I haven't had time for expectations. My only expectation was, 'I can get this done on time, I can get this done on time, I can get this done on time . . .'" =) And we did. If you want to check out the cool setup he arranged on the book store side of things, go to CrossPurposesBooks. If you want to see how I spent my last two weeks, click on the picture above and go to the Christian Review of Books. Check out our new logo while you're there! Courtesy of Tekeme, of course. =)

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! We had a lovely day (with minimal book signing work, other than designing that graphic you see above, ha ha), a truly gorgeous dinner (you rock, Mom!), and are looking forward to a successful online event! (Pray, y'all--pray it runs smooth as glass. Pllllleeeeeaaaaassssse!)


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