Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Being Thankful in All Things, Day 3

Today goes to friends. Have I ever mentioned that I have awesome friends?

Now, I suppose that comes with some explanation. When I moved home to Cumberland, all my friends here promptly scattered. I still have one about 40 minutes away in WV, and I love her dearly. But otherwise, my family are about the only ones I get together with regularly.

But I have so many friends that I get to talk to daily. Thank you, Lord, for the computer age! I am so, so grateful for the amazing friends I've made through the writing community. Many of them I met originally at conferences, some I've never met, others once or twice after emailing regularly.

Thank you, Lord, for friends that will tell me how it is, who worry about me and pray for me. Thank you for friends who understand me enough to know when to give advice and when to just listen. Who trust me enough to vent to me and share their upsets and worries and concerns. Thank you for those who seem to share a brain with me, and for those I talk to so rarely that it's exciting when I do.

My friends are a rich tapestry, one that not only makes the wall of my life pretty, but which insulates me from the seeping cold of winter. I love each and every one of you. Each thread, in your spectrum of colors.

As for finding joy in the negative . . . I can't actually think of a negative this morning. What a shame, LOL. 

In non-Thanksgiving news, the setup for the online book signing is nearly complete! It won't be officially open until Friday, but we've already seen our first sale, LOL. This should be fun! Spread the word!!