Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thoughtful About . . . Growing Up

So on Saturday, my first baby turns 5. This feels pretty landmark to me. Five means school (yes, we've been doing that for two months already, but it still felt ahead of the game). Five means a more focused attention span. Five means endless coloring and playing with one toy rather than running around in circles (most of the time, LOL). Five means a KID rather than a baby, toddler, or preschooler. Sheesh. When did my baby get so big?

I'm enjoying this transition, for the most part, and we're having fun planning her party for Saturday. Unlike past years when the family gathered at my house, this year we're gathering at Chick-Fil-A instead. The kids will all get meals (I'd like to say on the house, but they're on me, ha ha), t-shirts, and balloons. Moreover, they'll get to tear around the play area rather than my living room. Mwa ha ha ha.

I'm still in charge of the cake, and this is what we've decided on. Though Xoe requested a scarier face. Which I find totally funny, since this girl's a scaredy cat. =) (For anyone wondering how this cake is made, it's actually really easy. Two bundt cakes, one turned upside down so the flats are against each other. The stem is an ice cream cone covered in icing. Cool, eh?)

And yes, that's the extent of my brilliant musing today. I haven't had my coffee yet, and my brain won't kick into gear. My only other prevalent thoughts concern a vacation being forced upon me that I really don't want to take, but why waste a blog post with whining? ;-)

Oh, in good writing-related news, my first crit partner just got edits back to me on Jewel of Persia and now loves the ending she was iffy about on the first draft. Which is good, because I added a ton to the end as I deleted from the beginning. She's the first to have read both, and I was sooooo hoping she agreed with me on its level of better-ness. Woo hoo!

Now. Coffee. Coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee . . .


  1. You make the coolest cakes. Reminds me of Lisa Samson's Quaker Summer where the main character has "the gift of cake." :)

  2. My daughter turned 4 on Monday and my son turns 2 on Monday. (Make sense?)

    Beautiful cake! Much prettier than the heart I made for my daughter.

  3. PS...have fun and happy birthday Xoe!

  4. Makes perfect sense, Annette! You planned that one pretty perfectly if you were going for the two-year-separation thing. =)

    We'll see if my cake turns out as well. I'll definitely be taking pictures, so I'll let you know!

  5. I'm so glad you're a writer! We are all lucky to have the pleasure of reading your musings. :) Love them! Have a great weekend celebrating! <3