Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Story Time . . . THE PERFECT BLEND by Trish Perry

Have I ever mentioned that I love Trish Perry? If not, it's an oversight I can't suffer any longer. I LOVE TRISH PERRY! Why, you ask? Well, I'll tell you.

1.) She has a fabulous sense of humor--I'm talking make-you-laugh-out-loud while reading one of her books--that usually finds its outlets through characters you just want to sit down and chat (and chuckle) with.

2.) Her stories always deliver sweet romance along with the funny moments. And . . .

3.) She manages both the hilarity and the romance along with a beautiful spiritual message.

When Trish's latest release, The Perfect Blend, arrived in the mail minutes before I left for vacation last week, you can bet I squeezed it into my briefcase (though there was really no room . . .) I didn't open it until this weekend, but still. My fingers were itching for it. Here's a bit about the story:

Steph Vandergrift is in desperate need of divine distraction. She's just arrived in Middleburg, Virginia, a picturesque little town that she's supposed to be making her own today after eloping with a local attorney. But when her fiance leaves her at the would-be alter, she's left to try not to fall to pieces on the very lovely sidewalk outside his office. Why, again, did she have to sever all ties with her life back in Baltimore?

A kind British tea-shop owner spots her and rushes to the rescue, ushering her into Millicent's Tea Shop and solving her problems with a fantabulous scone and a listening ear. Before she knows it, Steph has offered to fill in for Milly's absent waitress, and the resident Mr. Cutie Pants has already made an appearance, guaranteeing that Steph has made a fool of herself. Not that it matters--she's so not in the market for another man right now.

Yet . . . the more she gets to know Kendall (a.k.a Cutie Pants) and his amazing sense of humor, the more she wonders if maybe, when she is ready to date again . . . but then her ex-fiance shows back up and tries to win her back. How's a girl to know which version of spice will help her make the perfect blend for her life?

I confess--I'm not finished yet. And already I have laughed, snickered, chuckled, and grinned my way through this story. It's not that the story itself is hilarious--it's the characters. You know how you laugh at those clever, wonderful lines on a TV show? It's the same way in Trish's books. The characters themselves are funny. And endearing, and sigh-worthy, and oh-so-relatable.

The cast of secondary characters are a hoot too, from the ready-to-listen Milly to the can't-be-tamed sisters Liz and Christy.

In short, if you like adorable towns complete with tea shops and dreamy inn-owners, fun romance, faith, and good friends, then you don't want to miss The Perfect Blend. And if you don't want to miss The Perfect Blend, then you'd better come back on Friday, when I'm interviewing Trish and giving away a copy!

*This book was provided free of charge from the publisher for review purposes.


  1. The woman who took over my job at my dad's office is a HUGE Trish Perry fan. Gushed and gushed about how funny and non-preachy Trish is. When I joined ACFW and saw Trish's e-mails on there, I knew I'd come to the right place :)

  2. Neato cant wait huge Trish fan myself just ran thru Sunset Beach and need my next fix so to speak.