Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Story Time . . . Let Them Eat Cake by Sandra Byrd

Can I just say that I miss chick lit? I'm not sure why it went out of style, but there's something about those insecure young heroines with a quirky outlook that inevitably sucks me in. And you know, I occasionally need a break from heavy, serious works--when that happens, this genre is just perfect. They still deal with the real issues, but they do it in a light voice.

Last month I e-met (how's that for coining a phrase? LOL) Sandra Byrd, who was interested in joining one of the historical groups I belong to. She has a Tudor-era novel coming out from Howard next year and loves this new direction of her career. Now, though, she has some YA books out, and a chick lit series. We did a book swap--I sent her Stray Drop, and she sent me these contemporaries. =)

I just finished reading the first one, and I gotta say, I love it. The heroine, Lexi, is a fairly recent college grad who majored in French studies . . . and now can't find a job. Certainly not in her area of interest. As a result, she's living at home again--and can't find a guy. But with her parents selling their house and moving to a retirement community in six months, Lexi's on the clock. It's time to get her life together--fast. Can the fabulous French bakery--and the fabulous French baker--be the answer to her stilted prayers?

But nothing's easy, not even something she loves as much as working at L'Esperance. She somehow manages to flub a huge order for a cute professional, and when he asks her what he's supposed to do, she snaps, "Let them eat cake!" Something snaps inside her too--it's high time she stop trying to please everyone else in her life and work on pleasing God. Chasing her own dreams, no one else's. Viva la revolution!

Personally, I was hooked from the first page. Each chapter starts with a French quote translated into English, and what woman wouldn't love this one? :

Chaque personne sait où sa chaussure pince.
Each woman knows where her shoe pinches.

And that is the summation of life through the eyes of Lexi Stuart. She knows where her problems are--but just like those fave shoes that rub, but which you just can't get rid of, it isn't a matter of obliterating your problems. It's a matter of working with them.

As I was reading, I couldn't wait to see what Lexi would get into next! Where her rêves, her dreams, would take her. And how many blisters her over-priced shoes rubbed along the way. ;-)

(Adorable note--my kids sat there yesterday trying to decide which of the petit fours on the cover would be tastiest and them pretended to munch them. =) Xoe, of course, favored the pink heart-shaped one in the middle. Rowyn wanted the German chocolate one on the back. )

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  1. Hi, Sandra. It's nice to see you here. Best wishes with your new endeavor. My little cousin enjoyed the Diary books.