Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Remember When . . . People Were Nice? Part II

Do you all remember a while back when I told you about the awesome Greek jeweler who's letting me use his jewelry designs on my book cover? If not, that original story is here. But of course, the story hasn't stopped. =)

I emailed Aris again to ask if he has high res photos my designer could use, feeling like a total bother for asking. But Aris, being a wonderful gent, immediately sent me a whole slew of photos from different angles. He also said if we needed anything more, to let him know, though he'd be leaving Athens next week for an extended business/pleasure trip. Including a stop in Paris. At the Louvre. Where his lions' head designs, like the ones I'm using, are going to be sold in the gift shop. Of the Louvre. OF THE LOUVRE!!! Is that not the coolest thing ever?

He also added me to his website, which is also cool. Not as cool as the Louvre, but very cool nonetheless. =)

What I really love about his designs is that they're based on Ancient Greek artifacts and museum pieces, so they all have that flavor of being centuries old. My hubby and I spent an hour browsing his site the other day, just gaping in awe over all the cool stuff he has.

So that's been my excitement for the week. (The Louvre!!!!!!) Just had to share. And given that my designer is now--even now--working on the front cover for Jewel of Persia, I will soon have MORE awesome news to share.

(Sorry I didn't have a fun historical tidbit, but I have instead a headache. And you know. This has to do with my historical novel, so . . . hope you care, LOL. Because THE LOUVRE!!!) ;-)


  1. Way cool cousin! So happy for you! <3

  2. You are so funny! But, congratulations!!! The LOUVRE!!!! :)