Monday, September 27, 2010

Modern . . . Preferences

Yesterday I finally, finally finished cutting and editing Jewel of Persia--and boy am I happy to be done with that for a while! Still love the story, but boy howdy. That was a lot of work, LOL. For those who are curious, the final manuscript checks in at 155K, which means I cut 25K even while adding probably 5-10K in the concluding chapters. Good. Enough. =)

So, contemporary stuff. I've done so little with contemporaries lately that it's hard to know what to talk about on Mondays. So I thought I'd talk about that. =)

A few years ago, my agent encouraged me to work more on contemporaries, since they were selling better. These days, it seems that historicals are selling better. It seems to be a bit of a yo-yo, and I figure contemps will swing back up at some point. I love writing historicals, but there are some stories I just have to set today.

But here's my question to you--when you sit down with a contemporary, where do you tend? Women's fiction? Straight-up romance? Romantic suspense? Romantic comedy? Mystery? Suspense? Thriller? Young Adult? Literary? General fiction? Something else I'm not thinking of now?

When I read a contemporary novel, it's usually in the romance category, though it might have comedy or suspense or something tacked on. I read women's fiction, but they're usually not where I tend of my own free will. (My free will doesn't always factor into my reading decisions though, given my reviewing and endorsing and, well, just wanting to support my awesome friends.) I very rarely delve into straight mystery or straight suspense.

But, wow, just looking at that list--there's such a looooooong list of contemporary subgenres! Yet "historicals" tend to all get bunched together. I mean, we historical writers will divide them, but look at a contest's categories sometime.

So, whether it's what editors are looking for right now or not, contempraries are obviously a force to be reckoned with. Which sub-genre is your favorite?


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