Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Story Time . . . with Sandi Rog

I'm gonna do that thing again--talk about a book you can't buy yet. ;-) This isn't my official review (which is written and will post in November when the book releases), but it's a sneak peek to whet your appetite.

For a while now, I've been hearing my friend Sandi Rog talk about her Biblical fiction, which, unlike Stray Drop which integrates events of the Bible, is set in first century Rome with early Christians. I've always loved this time period, getting glimpses into Roman life, and putting myself in the sandals of some of the first members of the church. So I very eagerly raised my hand with an excited "Oo, oo! Me, me!" when Sandi asked for endorsers.

I'm going to unabashedly say that if you liked my book, you'll love Sandi's too. They're nothing alike in plot, but I'd say they share the same spirit.

The Master's Wall is about David, a Hebrew in Rome whose parents are killed for their Christian faith. He is badly hurt and then sold into slavery to a wealthy villa. From the first moment he realizes he's bound to this place, he wants to escape, to run back to Rome and see what became of his little sister. But he's not only bound by his word and the law--he's also bound by invisible strings to his master's young, fiery granddaughter Alethea.

Alethea has lost her father to this new faith called Christianity, watched him die for it, and it is too much for her young heart. She at once longs to know more about the God he served and wants those she cares about to stay far away from Him, lest they be killed too.

Tempted constantly by escape and something even more dangerous, David grows into a warrior and a strong Christian. But what will it take to right the wrongs that rule at the villa?

And seriously, put this book on your list NOW. In fact, ask for it for Christmas. It's a small press book with an enormous spirit--one of those rare books that pulled me from my writing to keep turning those pages. Sandi is a fantastic writer, and the story . . . the story simply won't let you go.


  1. Oh, Roseanna. I'm fighting off tears! Thank you for such a wonderful review!

  2. I'm so excited for you, Sandi!!!! Congratulations....I never had a doubt....
    I knew you would just sail!!!!
    Love you, Mary Murphy

  3. Sounds like a fantastic read! I'm waiting breathlessly for this book's release date. Who can wait until Christmas? I'm buying it for myself! :-)