Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thoughtful About . . . Plotting (No, Not World Domination--Yet. Mwa ha ha ha)

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So, I've been having a fabulous writing streak. I'm talking super-fab. The last few days I've been managing a chapter a day, which is just awesome. And while those chapters need some tweaking, the overall stuff is good. Cuz see, I had these things planned out to a T. I knew exactly what had to happen, and I knew I was pushing toward a break of sorts, so I had that extra "umph" going on. All I had to do was get my characters to this certain point, and then I have to skip a couple years and pick back up when things get interesting again.

And I did it. I got there, yesterday evening.

Now what?

LOL. It's one of those crazy things. I know what needs to happen later. I even know the big events that need to happen next. But I was so focused on working out the details of this first section that I totally neglected brainstorming the details of the next part. Okay, not neglected so much as just haven't had the time yet.

Today, my writing time is going to be spent going through my notes and hashing out a time line for the events of the rest of the book. It's full of huge historical stuff, so I need to map those out and then figure out the character plots that are going to propel the story to those biggies.

Plus I still have some important questions to answer--God's gonna have to whisper in my ear about those, I think.

In short, I'm having fun and am looking forward to some good plotting today. And I'm riding high, knowing I am 1/3 of the way done this book. If I can keep up this chapter a day rate, I'll be finished in another month! Woo hoo!

Next step: world domination. Mwa ha ha ha! (Okay, so I'll be content if I can convince my daughter that bugs are not the root of all evil. Anybody got any tips for that??)


  1. LOL. You go, girl. Critique coming shortly. :)

    Try introducing her to some fun bugs.

    BTW: if you haven't cked out the new interview going on, you should. No state where you live mentioned yet. :)


  2. Yeah, see, she will admire things like butterflies and ladybugs and enjoys looking at caterpillars and worms--but if something TOUCHES her, it's game over. We had a run-in with a gnat yesterday. Then a near-miss with a tick. Her screams made me think Armageddon had begun. (Insert me rolling my eyes.)

  3. Well done to yourself! With the way you're going it'll come together by'n'bye! Bugs, hmm, my middlest used to collect them and bring them all for me to see and I never knew what i'd find- and since we lived in East Africa at the time the bugs were pretty enormous!!

  4. First, I'll have to convince MYSELF that bugs are not the root of all evil. Then I'll help with Xoe.