Friday, May 21, 2010

My Friends Rock

So I realized belatedly that my scheduled interviewee never got back to me with the info I needed for today (though I did try to get in touch a week ago--I'm not totally absent-minded, only half!) So instead of featuring an author and a giveaway, I'll just remind you that you can still enter Tuesday's giveaway and point you to some awesome author friends of mine in general. =)

First, have y'all met Stephanie Morrill?? If not, you so need to check her out and pick up her books. They're YA, so if you've got a teen in your life, they're a must. And if you don't, you'd still enjoy them. Seriously. No other YA has made me remember what it felt like to be a teen like Stephanie's do. Some of the young adult books I've read made me think, "Yeah . . . this is how a mother thinks her daughter thinks." Stephanie's are, "Yeah--this is a real teen." Not only do they hammer home what teens are going through these days, they make you look inside yourself and wonder if maybe Skylar lives somewhere inside. Also, if you know any writers who are teens, direct them to GoTeenWriters for advice on how young feet can get into the door of the publishing/writing world.

Next, are you guys aware of the fabulous blog called Sunnybank Meanderings?? Friend and critter Carol(in)e runs it (the parenthesis are my addition, LOL) and always has such fun, creative interviews and giveaways. Plus she posts some of the cutest/sweetest little reflections you ever did see. Hope over and become a follower if you haven't already!

We can't forget Mary--Mary Proctor is one of the spiritual go-to-gals in my life, one of those women I know I can go to with any concern I may have and receive the blessing of a truly insightful prayer. God has spoken to me more than once through Mary. On her blog, you can read some of her musings, some of her reviews, and get a peek into the award-winning up-and-comer.

And to round out my shout-outs to my critique partners, let's take a minute to wave enthusiastically at Dina Sleiman, fellow client of Benrey Literary Agency and the unofficial president of my fan club (snicker, snicker--I say this because she wrote the first real review of A Stray Drop of Blood, and we discovered through that a lot of shared interests and goals. She takes every possible opportunity to give my book praise, so it's high time I return the favor). Dina runs Awesome Inspirationals and reviews some awesome (ha ha) books there, PLUS she's a contributor at Inkwell Inspirations. A really fun blog--if you haven't visited before, DO THAT! There's always something fun going down.

And oh, the other friends I could mention! But alas, other things to do, so we'll content ourselves with my critters. =) Hope everyone has a fabulous Friday--don't forget to come back next week, when I'll be featuring Cynthia Ruchti and doing a giveaway of her novel.

Oh, oh, oh! (Are you still reading this??) For anyone who's read A Stray Drop of Blood, don't forget that discussion on it at the ACFW Book Club starts TODAY!! It's a public group, so join up and let's chat!

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  1. Aww, what a nice surprise! I think you rock too :)