Monday, May 24, 2010

Modern . . . BIAW

I totally spaced putting a blog together yesterday, and I'm not gonna take a ton of time right now--instead I'll tell you about why I'm not. ;-)

One of my writing groups occasionally does a BIAW challenge. That would be "Book in a Week." Traditionally, the idea is to put down as many words to screen as you possibly can in the course of the week, and you're competing with the other authors participating. She who writes the most words wins. At HisWriters, we modify the rules and make it a goal-challenge. We each set our own goals for each day and strive to meet or surpass them. Some of us will be editing, some will be striving to get back into a story and so setting modest goals, some are nearing a deadline and need a lot of words written.

In the past, BIAW challenges have helped me finish rewriting A Stray Drop of Blood, type "The End" on one manuscript, put down nearly half a book I'd just started, etc. So for the next two weeks, I'm going to use it to get as close to done Jewel of Persia as I possibly can. It would take a miracle for me to actually finish the book in the next fortnight (this historical group I'm in is running it for two weeks . . . and yes, we're all dorky enough to then call it "Book in a Fortnight" with a stuffy British accent, LOL), but I can get pretty darn close, I think.

So, off to work I go. And if you've read Stray Drop and wanna chat, don't forget it's being discussed this week at the ACFW Book Club! It's a public group--all you gotta do is join up and start talking. =)


  1. Wow, awesome and good luck. I'm in awe. How do you do this with preschoolers in the house??

  2. Well, Julia, the secret is a very fractured attention span that allows me to tend them, dash back to my computer for a paragraph, jump up again to catch them as they topple out of the Lego wagon, dash back to finish my sentence, hop up to fix lunch, sit back down to change that word . . .

    My sanity lies in naptime, LOL.

  3. LOL...I need to work on that whole attention span thing.

    I do a lot of Elizabeth's homeschool seatwork during Noah's naptime...but we'll be done in about 2 weeks. So I plan to do some intense summer writing time.

  4. We're gonna be starting homeschooling here shortly. I groan at the new fractures to my attention that loom on the horizon, LOL.

    I vaguely recall the day when I could sit for hours on end and just WRITE--no tabbing to email or Facebook, no getting up to tend anyone. Now I can't go five minutes without my mind switching gears, thanks to the kid-training it's gotten. Kinda annoying when I actually HAVE free time. (Rare as those occasions are.) But in general, it works.