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Story Time . . . LIBERTY'S PROMISE - Interview and Giveaway

We're having another special Story Time Tuesday with an interview and giveaway (don't forget Friday's, though)! Everybody say hi to (Tiffany) Amber Stockton and get ready to learn about her new 3-in-1 historical romance book, Liberty's Promise.

Tiffany has offered a copy to one lucky reader, so as usual, leave your comments below along with how I can reach you!


About the Author

(Tiffany) Amber Stockton is an author and freelance web site designer who lives with her husband and fellow author, Stuart, and their toddler daughter in beautiful Colorado. They also have a vivacious puppy named Roxie, a Border Collie/Flat-Haired Retriever mix. Amber has sold eight books so far to Barbour Publishing with more on the horizon. Other credits include writing articles for various publications, five short stories with Romancing the Christian Heart, and contributions to the books: 101 Ways to Romance Your Marriage and Grit for the Oyster. Read more about her at her web site: www.amberstockton.com


About Liberty's Promise

Relive the birth of a new country as three women battle for determining to whom they can entrust their hearts. Raelene is all alone, but is there peace in following the wishes of her deceased father? Elanna is intelligent for her young age, but will her love for an older man turn into a passing fancy when his integrity is questioned? Margret's loyalties are torn when the colonists rebel, for how can a relationship with a British soldier built on deceptions survive? Will each woman find her place of freedom to embrace her faith and trust her heart to love?


What's your latest book?

Liberty’s Promise (March 2010; Barbour Publishing)

The description sounds fascinating! (Especially since I'm writing a post-Revolution story right now.) What do you hope your readers will get out of the story?

I don’t usually like to assume a reader will get something specific from reading one of my books, as that might set up expectations that won’t come true. Instead, I’d like each reader to read with open eyes and open heart to glean whatever message God might have for them at the time. A prayer for this set of stories is that God’s promises will come true in each one of my reader’s lives.

Is there a theme to this book?

As the title indicates, promises play a big part in each one of the three stories. Promises made, broken, and the value of keeping them even when it seems impossible.

I love that you explore all those different aspects. Let's switch gears now. What's one of the oddest or most interesting things someone has ever said about you?

That I don’t look like a Tiffany. That’s my first name, although I publish under my middle name, Amber. I’m not sure why, but a lot of people have trouble remembering my name once they’ve met me. When someone told me the above, I tilted my head and asked, “What
’s a Tiffany supposed to look like? Is there a picture in the dictionary under that name?” J Makes me wonder if Hollywood has ruined the classy association of my name, and most people expect a ditzy blonde or something.

Hmm . . . or some nice jewelry? Wrapped in robin-egg blue? ;-) Okay, so what would your dream office look like—and what does your REAL writing environment look like?

It would have one wall that’s almost all windows with a view of the mountains. My desk would face the windows so I can be continually inspired by God’s beauty and grandeur. On another wall would be framed copies of my book covers to encourage me that I can do this, and
I’d have a notebook of all the reader feedback I’ve received over the years to give me that energizing jolt when I start to doubt my ability to write.

Currently, my desk occupies one wall of our bedroom, since we’re in a small condo with no other place for me to work. I have a lot of shelves above the desk and my resources as close at hand as possible. I’ve included a picture if you want to see.

Oh, multiple screens! My husband has two, and I could so use another. What lessons have you learned through the publication process that you wouldn't have guessed as a pre-published writer?

The primary one is how much I’ve changed as a person as a result of the books I’ve penned. There is a saying for teachers that they learn more than their students. I’d have to say that applies to authors as well. A lot of times, the author will learn more than the reader in the writing of the book, especially if the truths or themes in the book hit close to home in the author’s life. And since almost every author puts some semblance of self into the stories, it’s likely each book is close to the heart in some way.

So true! I've recently learned that sometimes the whole point of a book might be its effect on ME, not in getting it published and in front of readers. Though of course we pray for that too! So aside from writing, what takes up most of your time?

Designing web sites for authors and speakers, as well as taking care of my almost-toddler daughter and being a stay-at-home-mom. Writing, marketing, and being involved in the writing industry is time-consuming enough, but balancing a 2nd home business and family is time-consuming.

Don't I know it! If someone were to give you $5,000 to spend on anything you wanted, what would you buy? (No saving or gifts to charities allowed!)

Wow. This isn’t easy, as my top dream is to sell our condo and get into a small home with a yard for our dog and room for our daughter to play. $5K wouldn’t come close to touching that. So, I’d have to say I’d spend it on a new Nikon SLR camera to replace my Canon Powershot, and the rest would go toward a nice vacation, either driving around the “Four Corners” states, taking an Alaskan Cruise, or flying to Europe.

Well, since we're dreaming here, I'll allott you more than $5K so you can get that house AND the camera and vacation. ;-) What writing goal have you set for yourself that would be the hardest (or unlikeliest) but most rewarding to achieve?

To one day sell to Bethany House and become an author at their house. It has been a long-time dream of mine, but only God knows if it will ever come true.

I have a deep respect for Bethany and its authors too. They put out some fabulous books. Do you remember where you were when you got your first or most important call about a book contract?

Definitely. I had just gotten home from work about 10 days before Christmas in 2006. I logged onto my computer to check email and there was an email from my editor saying she was going to buy my first book. It was late and no one else was awake, so I opened up my instant messenger program to see who was online. Only the man who is now my husband was there. He shared in my excitement and we chatted for a couple hours. The next day, I told my family, but those late-night moments with Stu are ones I’ll treasure forever.

Aww . . . and now he's your hubby! Any funny family stories about living with a writer?

I’m not sure if you’re asking this in regard to my family living with me, or if you want to know what it’s like having TWO authors in the family. My husband is also an author, and he writes science fiction, something diametrically opposite from the romances and historicals I write. There are times when we drop off our daughter at my sister-in-law’s house, then head out to a restaurant for dinner and a write-out. It’s comical to see the two of us sitting across the table from one another with our laptops in front of us and our food to the side as we write and eat, barely speaking. Some couples will find a sitter so they have some quality time alone to talk. My husband and I do it so we can have some quiet time to write!

That's so awesome! My hubby and I go out to brainstorm and plot a course for his publishing company--though that wouldn't look as cool as having two laptops, LOL. What are you writing right now?

I’m currently working on a 3-book series set in Wyoming during the 1870’s, as well as the first of a 3-book series focusing on the silver mining industry in Colorado during the late 1800’s. I’ve always loved to write westerns, and these books are giving me that chance.

Fun! Any upcoming releases we should keep our eye out for?

My next book releases in December, and it’s a collection of my second set of 3 books, set in historical Michigan. I’m currently writing without a contract, but I pray I’ll receive one soon. So, if you feel led to pray for this to happen in my writing career, I’d certainly appreciate the added support.

Will do!


Thanks so much for stopping by, Tiffany! I really enjoyed getting to know you a little better and learning about this latest book. Which I totally need to pick up now, since it's almost the same era as my work-in-progress!

Readers, you should also check out her blog at http://amberstockton.blogspot.com. And for purchasing links for all her books, go to www.amberstockton.com/books.html.

Again, leave your comment for a chance to win!

Contest open to U.S. or Canada residents only. Void where prohibited. Contest ends 3/8/10.


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