Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Story Time . . . THE COUNTRY HOUSE COURTSHIP by Linore Rose Burkard

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I'd been expecting The Country House Courtship to arrive in a week or so--so you can imagine my surprise when I opened up a package and held this beautiful book well before I thought I would. My first thought, before I read the title, was "Oh, how pretty this is!" Then I realized what I was holding and got a definite jolt of excitement. Linore has a distinct, Austen-esque voice, and I couldn't wait to see what she did with this story I'd been waiting for so eagerly.

Beatrice Forsythe knows exactly what her lot in life will be: to marry up, just like her sister Ariana did, and find a gentleman of means to love forever. It's inevitable--she feels so at home at her sister's exquisite estate, and with the connexions she has now! Why, after a Season in London, she shouldn't have any problem finding a husband. And even now, visit Ariana in the country, she has already met an eligible gentleman! Now if only she could avoid distractions by the alluring--but decided not wealthy--Mr. O'Brien, who has come inquiring after a vicarage . . .

Linore Rose Burkard takes readers once again into the charms and intricacies of the Regency, with an approachable voice, lovable characters, and a hint of intrigue. I love how she captures the feel of true Regency novels, but with the friendly, approachable manner of a modern writer. She has a true gift for capturing the era.

I'm not yet finished this lovely story, but I am thoroughly caught up (and eager to finish writing this blog so I can get back to reading it!). And what I love thus far is that when I think I know exactly what's going on, something new crops up that leaves me going, "Oh! Really?"

This is a fabulous book both for those who like to read the classics and those who like the modern take on the era, as Linore manages to combine the authenticity of the one with the approachability of the other. And now Roseanna is going to say bye-bye so she can go keep reading it. =)

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  1. I remember how I kept hearing about Burkard's Jane Austen style. I didn't believe it until I read the first book in this series. She's wonderful!