Monday, February 15, 2010

Modern . . . Valentine's Day

So, since yesterday was a day designed for romance (in today's society, anyway), let's take a break from me boring you with all my oh-so-insightful looks into topics you may or may not find interesting and turn the tables around.

Does anyone have a story for us to sigh over of how your special someone made yesterday a dream? A little thing that will always stick in your memory? A big thing you have to shout about??

My day revolved more around my kids than me and my husband. I gave them each a little bag with a taste of candy and a card. My daughter then said, "Oh, but Mommy, I didn't get you anything! Oh no!" I assured her a hug was all I needed, but that's never enough for Xoe. She went over, colored a pretty picture on the inside of the card, wrote her name, put stickers on the little plastic heart her candy had come in and then gave it to me. Is she not the sweetest thing??

How about you, O Lovely Readers of Mine? Care to share?

Now--important links. First, if you're looking for a romantic suspense that looks really fabulous, you'll want to check out my giveaway from Friday of Robin Caroll's Deliver Us from Evil. This is going to be a two-for week, too--doing another giveaway tomorrow of a different book, so be sure and swing by for that!

And if you're just dying to get your hands on a copy of A Stray Drop of Blood (I mean, who isn't, right? Snicker, snicker), then go buy it. Er (another snicker, snicker), I mean, check out one of these fabulous giveaways.

Sunnybank Meanderings ~ this is a Giveaway Plus, featuring the book, Companion Guide, recipe cards, chamomile, and lip balm.

International Christian Fiction Writers ~ a giveaway much like above, minus the chamomile (since most of their readers are non-U.S. and shipping tea can be a pain with customs)

A Fiction Filled Life ~ signed book

Book Reviews by Buuklvr81 ~ Today's the last day to enter her Valentine's Giveaway, where mine is one of several books being bestowed upon TWO lucky winners.

Be sure and swing by 'em all--and tomorrow I'll be up at my crit partner Mary's blog too, with another giveaway and some really, really insightful interview questions. Check that out tomorrow!


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