Monday, December 14, 2009

Title Contest!!

It worked so well in September that I'm doing it again! I need help coming up with a title for my WIP, and I'm offering a prize to whoever comes up with the best one. I'll select finalists, we'll vote, and the winner will receive:

Fools Rush In by Janice Thompson
The Blue Enchantress by M.L. Tyndall

and of course a personalized, autographed copy of
A Stray Drop of Blood by moi

So, here's the new book, currently dubbed "My Modern Pirate Story." Clever, eh? You see why I need you. =)


Smith barges onto the pirate ship with his team of ex-SEALs expecting to rescue a Saudi princess gone missing in the Med--what he finds is a woman chained to a bed, badly injured, and most definitely not a princess. Unable to leave her at the mercy of the ruthless Russian thieves, he offers her a way off the ship and the the protection of his CIA liaison.

Kindness has never been a part of Cantara's world. She occasionally traded one form of cruelty for another, but it has all been in the spectrum of pain. But when the stranger stands there, looking at her with compassion--as though she matters--she sees a promise she never knew could exist. Not for her. She had thought life wasn't so bad with Petrov, since he kept her from an even greater evil, but looking at this man called Smith . . . for the first time in her life she trusts a man instinctively.

Smith takes her back to the U.S., knowing her knowledge of these pirates who are prowling the seas and preying on yachts and merchant vessels could prove useful. But the story of how she ended up in the clutches of Petrov convinces the CIA that she's far more important than that. More than the pirates, she has an intimate knowledge of a black-market arms dealer they've been hunting for years. Smith figures it's his duty to convince her to help his country. And the Lord has made it clear he's also to make Him known to her. He just doesn't know what to make of the fact that he has only to utter a word and she'll obey him.

He's the best man she's ever met, that peace in his eyes is addictive. Cantara will do anything to stay with him a moment longer, to remain in his favor. She knows she is unworthy of any affection, but she is happy to do anything he wants.

Anything but the thing he asks of her. He and the CIA want her to return to the black-market world Petrov stole her from. Though she agrees, it costs her. And proves, in her mind, that she is nothing, even to Smith. Plunged into the swirling maelstrom of fear, she takes the greatest risk of all and opens her heart to the source of that peace in Smith's eyes, the God she so wants to be hers.

With both the pirate and the arms dealer out to get her back at any cost, Cantara must learn the true value of who she is and Who she now serves, even if it means sacrificing herself for the causes of the man she loves. She and Smith both know that following God's will doesn't guarantee success by their human definition. This fledgling love is strong enough to survive--but does that mean that they are?


So . . . themes recurring so far:

Black market
Eyes (it's his eyes that show her she can trust him, and hers that show him how painful her past has been)
Faith, specifically prayer

Can't wait to see everyone else's creativity, cuz I've got nothing!
This is a romantic suspense, so I need a title that captures the tension as well as the deep emotion.


  1. Buccaneer Bounty
    Complete Faith

  2. Through the eyes of faith


    Captive Hearts

  3. Wow, Roseanna. You sure know how to come up with amazing stories! I hope you can find a title to do it justice.

    Here's my list:

    Desert Eyes
    Captive Eyes
    Telling Eyes
    Through the Shadows
    Reaching Through the Shadows
    Light in the Shadow(s)
    Seeing through the Shadows
    When Night Falls
    Hold her Heart
    Holding her Heart
    Her Heart in His Hands (can have a double meaning)
    Loyal Heart
    Seizing Faith
    Seizing Hope
    Seizing the Light
    Seizing her/his Heart
    A Light in the Darkness
    A Light on the Sea
    Whispering Hope
    Whispers in the Darkness
    Whispers of Light
    Whispers in the Night
    Whispering Shadows
    Breath of Light
    Cries in the Night
    Tears on the Water
    Tears on the Sea
    Tears in the Dark
    Beyond Tears
    Tears of a Princess
    Tears in Her Eyes
    Tears on His Fingers
    A Princess in the Shadows
    Princess of the Night
    Broken Princess
    The Price of a Princess
    The Price of a Jewel
    Worth Beyond Jewels (these go with her feeling unworthy)
    A Jewel in the Desert
    The Desert Jewel
    Jewel on the Water/Sea
    Jewel of the Night
    The Lost Jewel/Ruby/Pearl/whatever
    The Lost Princess
    Pirates Treasure
    Treasure in the something, blaaahhh…I've run dry.

    Something that keeps coming to mind is the idea to take a great line from your book. I wanted to do that, but since I haven't read it, well . . . that made it a little difficult. For example, a line from a piece of dialogue, something he says to her like, "Take My Hand," something that could have a double meaning. Is there a really good line that he or she says that just breaks your heart or that stands out that might work? Because he rescues her, I can hear him say something like, "Take my hand" and her having to make a choice: does she trust him by taking his hand and her life is never the same, or does she not. God gives us a choice to take His hand and follow him or go our own way. That would be the double meaning. I guess you can add "Take My Hand" to that list, LOL. Just a thought. :-)

    Anyway . . .

    Not sure any of these will work, but I had fun. :-) Thanks for the nice break. I needed that!


  4. WOW, guys! Sandi, your lists leave me in awe. How you come up so many . . . yeah. WOW. =)

  5. Hey! I had fun coming up with them. I hope they'll spur on some ideas for a solid title. Your story sounds exciting. Is it finished?

  6. Finished? Er, no. Chapter 5 isn't quite finished yet, LOL. But I like to have a title while I'm writing. Helps me to focus. =)