Thursday, December 31, 2009

Thoughtful About . . . What's Been and What's Coming

Well, here we are on the last day of 2009. Kinda hard to believe, isn't it? In a lot of ways, it's been a busy year. And in some ways, I feel like I got nothing done.

What have I accomplished this year? Well, I've met my goal for books produced (though I didn't set a strict one, I did finish each of the ideas I had through the year and wanted to complete). I made it back to the ACFW conference, got to hug my friends. I've done some organizing (that has since become disorganized again, only to be worked on again, lol), and I've held my own in the mommyhood thing. Got Xoe started in Story Time to get her out a bit, and I've done some preliminary research into schooling for her.

My career didn't exactly take off in leaps and bounds as I had hoped it would, and that's always sobering. But I've made strides there. I have an almost-contract on the line, I've delivered new manuscripts to my agent that she's confident in, and of course Stray Drop went into its second printing.

I've also gotten terrible at finding/making time for my devotions. It's hard, given that I used to do them in the morning, and I just don't have mornings to myself anymore. And since Rowyn dropped his first nap, ditto on exercising.

So goals for 2010 might as well start there. My biggest goal is to keep my focus on the Lord--I know if I can do that, the rest will fall into place. Ideally I want to find time every day for my Bible, with the understanding that if I don't, I can always find time for prayer (which I tend to forget).

I really want to get back to exercising, too. Not sure how, but hopefully Rowyn will soon be able to entertain himself for half an hour without getting under my feet.

There are a few personal goals that delve into the deep-of-the-heart stuff, like not giving into bitterness or resentment when people don't just understand what I want and need and deliver it. Nothing makes me grumpier than falling into the "Why do I have to do everything??" way of thinking. We're all much happier when I stave that off and focus on all the things everyone else does.

I also have some goals that are somewhat beyond my control--not beyond God's, though, so they're things that will be prayed heavily over. Most of these are career-oriented. I would love to have a solid contract (or two) soon. It would be awesome if Stray Drop won one of the awards I'm entering it for. And of course I'd like to produce some new books to send out into the big, bad publishing world. I want/need to find ways to get Stray Drop into the hands of more people--not just for the profit (thought it would be nice if WFP could pay off the investment they put into it, lol) but because I truly believe in the story.

Need to get back on the Christian Review of Books horse too--I've been neglecting that terribly. But promoting others and alerting readers to what's available is such a rewarding calling.

We also need to pin down our exact plan for Xoe's schooling this year. And I need to find ways to prioritize my time so that we all get what we need out of those few hours a day.

Most of all, though, I want to accomplish something for the Lord. I'm not even sure what, yet, but I intend to have a solid answer by the time my hubby asks us the question in church this weekend. =) Part of it is reaching people through my books, but that might sound self-serving to some, so . . . I don't know. But more than anything, I want to be a beacon for Him. Which brings to mind a great quote that I think is a fabulous way to end one year and start another, with the goal of living for Him.

"There are two ways to spread light: to be the candle, or the mirror that reflects it." ~Edith Whart

Maybe I'm not a beacon myself--but I serve the brightest light out there, and reflecting Him is an honor as well as a goal.

Happy New Year, everyone! -- Oh! And don't forget to drop by every Friday (and some Tuesdays) from now on for author interviews! A lot of them will include giveaways to people who comment, so you won't want to miss it! We start tomorrow with Linore Rose Burkard, who writes "Inspirational Romance for the Jane Austen soul." Great stuff!!

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  1. Wow, your goals are way better than mine! My morning Bible study time got cut as well when McKenna changed her schedule. What helps me is remembering it isn't about how many words I read that day, but building a stronger relationship with God. Keeping my focus on THAT helps me to not feel guilty that I no longer have time for hour long, leisurely study times.