Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Story Time . . . THE SHOE BOX by Francine Rivers

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Okay, so another kid's book. When I was in the library with my girl last week and browsing the Christmas books, I just couldn't resist when I saw one by Francine Rivers, who is undeniably one of my favorite authors. The Shoe Box came home with us that night, and while I wanted to read it straight away, I restrained myself until Xoe requested it. =)

The Shoe Box is about a little boy named Timmy who is put into foster care because his dad's in prison and his mom has to work so much that she isn't there to take care of him, and the neighbors turn her in. Timmy goes to live with a kind, loving couple who open their hearts to him and his mother.

With him Timmy carries an old shoe box with the words "Running Shoes" printed on the side. Everyone asks him what's in it, but he only ever answers, "Things." Though it makes everyone curious, no one pushes. He takes this box with him everywhere he goes, until the Christmas pageant. He's playing one of the wise men, and instead of his bejeweled box, he takes his shoe box up to give it to Jesus.

I did some serious tearing up while I read this, though I made an effort not to cry outright, given that I was reading it to my daughter, LOL, and she doesn't really understand "touched" tears yet. But this story was so sweet, so symbolic, so very beautiful--not surprising from Francine Rivers. The pictures are gorgeous too, making it a perfect book to sit down and read to the family.

I love telling my kids stories that show the true meaning of Christmas, the spirit of it, the history of it, and which have spiritual significance. The Shoe Box does all of these things in a format sure to delight the parent as well as the child. Just keep your tissues handy! If it can make me cry, the rest of y'all are doomed. ;-)


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