Monday, December 7, 2009

Modern . . . Pirates--Arrrr!

That's right, me mateys--pirates! Arrrrrr! Avast, ye scurvy dogs!

Okay, so that's more modern pirate movies, but still. We can't say "pirate" in my house without the pre-schooler going "Arrr!" =)

Anyway. I know I mentioned this last week, but I'll give the basics again. A couple months back, I sent the first three chapters of a story to my critique partners. The hero is a reformed thief, which makes him oh-so-much fun to write. One of my critters, Carole, promptly sent the chapters back with, "Oh, your heroes make my heart flutter. If I weren't a happily married woman, I'd be in love with your characters. You know what you need to write? A pirate story--a modern one. The historical ones have been done, but not modern. If anyone could do it, though, you could."

Naturally, my little brain went, "Oo, oo!" On our walk that evening, I told David of the challenge, and he said, "Cool. Although modern pirates aren't very romantic, so your hero might have to be a pirate hunter."

Me: "Yeah! I could make him an ex-SEAL who went private to rid the high seas of the threat."

David: "That could work. They could use a converted Russian corvette."

Can you see the questions marks in my eyes? "Uh . . . what do sports cars have to do with pirates? And I didn't know Russians had Corvettes."

Insert David's eye-roll here. "It's a kind of boat, honey."

So with that enlightenment settled, I let it stew in my head for a few months, combined it with something my other critique partner, Mary told me about Bedouins at conference in September, and voila! An idea! (Okay, so it took a while longer to get the actual idea, as I mentioned LAST Monday, LOL.)

I'm now four chapters in and having a blast with this. I had fun writing the lighthearted stories I've concentrated on for the last year, but I've missed the complexity and depth of a hard-hitting book. Given that my heroine has been seriously abused and comes from a culture far-removed from ours, I get to take a new look at some things we all take for granted--everything from the smell of a city to the luxury of being able to take some aspirin when our head hurts.

I'm learning a ton as I look stuff up for this, so I imagine our Modern Mondays will be full of random tidbits for a while. =)


  1. I like your hard-hitting books too! Looking forward to it :)