Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Story Time . . . MENU FOR ROMANCE by Kaye Dacus

I loved Kaye Dacus's first book from Barbour, Stand-In Groom, so when an ARC of the sequel showed up, I was sooooo excited. Still, it was a few months before I got the chance to read Menu for Romance. I settled in with it this past weekend, though, and thoroughly enjoyed my trip back to Bonneterre, Louisiana.

Meredith and Major star in this one, two characters we got to know and love in the first as secondary cast. Meredith, executive director at her parents' company and in charge of planning major events, can't understand why her prayers for a husband have been blatantly ignored by the Lord. But she's never even had a boyfriend. This New Year's sees her making a resolution though--to get over her unrequited fascination with Major, their head chef. If she's going to move on and find another guy, that has to be the first step.

Major owes the Guidrys a lot--in some ways, they're more like family than his own. Probably because his mother battles schizophrenia and has taken more from him than she's given. So often he wishes his life didn't revolve around her episodes, his trips out to the facility where she lives. How is he supposed to chase his dreams when he has to worry about supporting her, being there at precisely the right time on precisely the right days to keep her balanced? Frankly, he's embarrassed to even tell people about her. Women have rejected him before because of her. And while he'd really love to make his feelings known to Meredith, to try to have a future with her, he can't saddle her with that . . . or bear the rejection.

As more demands are put on these two over-workers--some huge events, a new cooking segment on the local news that Major is volunteered to do, and fixing up the old house Meredith brought--some of their priorities shift. But is a menu for romance enough to win love and overcome all the obstacles between them?

I really enjoyed this story and getting back to the rich setting of fictional Bonneterre. It was great to get an insider look into the world of a chef and event planner, to see the hours upon hours these dedicated people put into making other peoples' days the best they can be. The characters were warm and lovable, the writing fabulous, and the overall effect a book I can highly recommend.

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  1. I looove books about chefs. I like living vicariously :)