Monday, November 16, 2009

Modern . . . Age

Age of characters is something I think a lot about. Probably because my own love story happened pretty early in life by today's standards, I pay attention to how old the characters are in both contemporaries and historicals.

And I confess: I get a little frustrated with all of these historicals with heroines who are late twenties or thirties yet don't really give the proper due to how ODD it would be for a woman in that era to still be unmarried. For that matter, I get a little frustrated with all the contemporaries that seem to say you can't find true love until you're over 25, given that I've been with my honey since I was 15.

I just find it so interesting how ideas about appropriate age for romance has changed so drastically in the last half century. I was genuinely shocked when I realized that Mary would have been about 13-14 or so when she had Jesus. But when I was writing A Stray Drop of Blood, I had to take into account that my heroine, who was just of age to be wed, would be that age too. I had to wrap my head around the fact that this was not young at the time, not like we see it. That back then, they still thought that you ought to act while the hormones are hot (so to speak, LOL) since you didn't know how long life might be. Being pretty darn young when I wrote it, I enjoyed showing how mature a teenager could be. Keep in mind I was Abigail's age when I got the idea for the story. Only 18 when I started writing it. So I don't want to hear any complaints about the un-age-appropriate thing;-)

In my contemporaries, it's sometimes I struggle for me to make all my characters the "right" age by today's ideas. Easier now that I'm the "right" age, but I've been married for 8 years, so I'm not exactly in that "finding love" stage. I'm in that "enjoying the comfort of being with the one who completes you" stage. But maybe that's why most of my heroines have critical backstories with the heroes--many of them have been in love since they were "too young," and it just took them a while to get to the point where the right thing comes of it.

Sometimes it's annoying to be one of the "weird" people who knew as a teen who I wanted to marry and then married him after our freshman year of college, solely because people judge us for it. Or used to. At this point, most people are willing to grant that we in fact had listened to the Lord and made the right choice.

And I was truly touched by a lady I met at conference in September. Our conversation somehow turned to when we got married, and I said I dated my hubby through high school and married him when we were still 18. I was expecting the usual, "Oh . . . okay. I guess that's working okay for you." Instead, I got a dreamy sigh and "I think that's wonderful. I didn't get married for the first time until my 50s, and I so wish I had taken the time for it early in life. I can't think of anything better than having spent all those years with the one I love. You got it right."

It just goes to show--love knows no age, and the Lord knows no boundaries. Be it 2000 years ago like in Stray Drop or here and now like in my contemporaries, love hits whenever it hits. We just have to be willing to take it when it comes.

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  1. Roseanna, I love this ... I got to know you in the post. And, we have something in common ... I met my husband when I was 15. We used to deal with those same things, people not really understanding how we could know our love at that young age. Bravo for you and your husband! God Bless!