Friday, November 20, 2009

Character Spotlight -- Cleopas

From A Stray Drop of Blood


Cleopas Visibullis is from an upstanding Roman family. Though his father had a falling out with Augustus Caesar, the family can claim a noble heritage. A military man, Cleopas served ten years in Gaul before going to Jerusalem with the Tenth Legion. With a fair, gentle nature, Cleopas set about learning the Hebrew language and, after marrying Ester, the Law and culture as well.

By the time the story opens, Cleopas holds the position of prefect of the Tenth Legion, one of the highest ranks–he is the one who trains the soldiers.

Tall and strong, Cleopas exudes authority that comes from within. He adores his wife and counts his servants as friends. Because he believes wholeheartedly in the one God and his precepts, Cleopas treats slaves and free alike as beloved children of Jehovah.

Cleopas is the first of the characters to hear of the teachings of Jesus and feel a stirring in his heart. As a Gentile, he longs for something to bridge the gap between him and Almighty God, for something that can make sense of his Roman house that is so very Hebrew.

His son eventually sees him more clearly than anyone.

“It is your goodness that makes you stand so straight.”

When I picture Cleopas, I see someone like Michael Nouri; dignified in his years, still handsome, and exuding that certain something that makes you think, “There’s a man I can depend on.”


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