Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Story Time . . . JUST BETWEEN YOU AND ME by Jenny B. Jones

My reading habits these last two months have not been very habitual. I’ve gone weeks at a time with barely reading, which is rather embarrassing, given that I have a day of the week dedicated to it on my blog. I finally finished a book I started at conference in September, and since I was in the mood, promptly picked up another: Just Between You and Me by Jenny B. Jones. I started it on Saturday night and finished it on Sunday night. Need I say more?

Well, I will anyway;-) I’ve long been waiting to read a Jenny B. Jones book, since she’s one of my best friend’s favorite YA authors. I was pretty excited to see a contemporary by her that was aimed at adults. And my instincts were right. I could not put this book down.

The book is in the head of Maggie Montgomery, a daredevil cinematographer who readily admits she has a few issues. Like that crippling fear of water–even if no deeper than a fountain–and tendency to spontaneously combust when a romantic relationship edges toward serious. But she’s got it all under control . . . until her father calls her home to Ivy, Texas to help take care of her wild-child niece.

Jenny uses hilarity and deep insight to take this story way beyond the norm. As Maggie faces her fears and tries to figure out what in the world God wants her to do, delving generously into the junk food stores as she bumbles along, I got totally caught up in her world. I loved the voice, I loved the quirks, I loved the snarky dialogue . . . Yeah, pretty much loved everything about this book. And best of all, though it may not fit the strictest definition of "romance," having no hero's POV, it had a romance in it to make a girl swoon.

Here's hoping this isn't Jenny's last contemporary! Keep 'em coming!

(In accordance with the new FTC regs, I guess I need to mention that this [along with every other book I read] was sent to me free by the publisher. Though it was an ARC, which technically has no value, so I'm not sure what the FTC actually thinks about this . . .)

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  1. Okay, I've GOT to get my hands on this book. Everybody is raving about it.