Friday, October 23, 2009

Reflecting on Mommyhood

I didn't have a My Friend Friday post already planned, and today's my baby's 4th birthday, so I'm gonna take a break from the regularly-scheduled programming and chat about my awesome little girl and all she's taught me.

First, it must be said: I can't believe she's 4 already! It seems like a week ago that I sat in the hospital, jumping every time she made a noise and thinking, "Is she okay, is she okay?" Now she stubs a toe or bumps a knee about 20 times a day, screams, and I'm like, "Eh, yeah. You're fine, kid. Shake it off." ;-)

Those first two months with her, she got fondly dubbed The Little Monster by my husband. She was one of those babies that screamed from dinner time until, oh, about 2 in the morning. No reason. Just screamed. Then voila! She found her thumb and two months and became an angel. (Now we gotta work on UN-finding that thumb.)

Xoe amazes me in so many ways. She was pretty average developmentally as a baby; didn't talk early or walk early or anything . . . but now? The kid shocks my socks off daily with the things she comes up with. You ought to have heard the backhanded insult she gave her grandmother yesterday, LOL. She was wearing a t-shirt her Nonna had gotten her, and when Nonna said, "Oh, I love your shirt," Xoe replied with, "Oh, I'm only wearing this because I was playing in the mud." I rolled. My girl is not a t-shirt wearer--she's a fancy-dress, tights, hair up, jewelry, and maybe a crown for good measure wearer.

She made my friend Stephanie's day by pointing to the model on the cover of her book and saying, "Oh, Skylar's pretty. I wish she lived in our world so I could be her friend." ("Our world"=our town.)

She won't go ANYWHERE without her brother, unless it's with me--and even then, she usually wants him to go too. Not that they don't fight constantly when they're together, but for some reason he equals security for her. Ever since he was born and we snuck her into the NICU to see him (because "My little brudder's crying. He needs me. He needs me! Let me in!") she has been protective and totally gone over the little guy.

Though she can pull an attitude that drives me halfway to insanity, she also has the sweetest disposition and the gentlest heart. When we go to see my grandmother, who's recovering from back surgery, she refuses to leave the house until she's made her a card. When we go to a birthday party for her cousin, she insists on picking out a toy from her shelf and putting it in a gift bag to take to her (in spite of the present we spent money on, LOL). When the day's too boring, she'll gather up some leaves outside, through them over your head, and yell, "Surprise! It's your birthday today, Papa! You didn't know that, did you?"

As any mother with a toddler or preschooler, I could go on and on about the adorable things she says, but I'll save those for Facebook updates;-) For now, I'll just say that I constantly learn so much from this precious little creature the Lord gave me. Yes, I lose my patience on a daily basis with one or the other of my kids, and often I wish for just one hour of quiet. But they enrich every aspect of my life. They've taught me how to see the world differently, how to appreciate things I never noticed before. And to better use my time, oddly, since I don't have nearly so much of it free.

So Happy Birthday, Xoë-girl! I love you way up to the moon and back again.

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  1. Oh, Skylar would LOVE a budding fashionista like you, Xoe girl. Happy birthday!