Friday, October 2, 2009

My Friend . . . Golden Keyes Parsons

I'm a member of a historical writers group (focusing on European historicals) called HisWriters. Many of us who are members joined as soon as the fabulous Therese Stenzel started it, and then we had the joy of watching others discover us and come along for the fun.

I still remember when Golden Keyes Parsons joined the ranks because we had quite the conversation on her name. "Golden Keyes" . . . isn't that the coolest thing ever? Then of course we were really impressed with the book that was about to hit the shelves, In the Shadow of the Sun King. There she was, a first time author with a story about Huguenots in France in the 1600s (when we had all been told that stories set in Europe weren't selling) and she had a contract with Thomas Nelson. I found that incredibly inspiring and encouraging.

In my usual way, I volunteered to review her book for her, and I loved it. We're now both members of HEWN, a network of authors dedicated to promoting those Euro-historicals, so I also had the pleasure of reading the sequel to Sun King, A Prisoner of Versailles.

But you know what I love most about this awesome writer? She's an awesome person. I know, I know, every author I feature is. But seriously. A year and a half ago revival swept through my hometown, and I was so excited that I emailed the loop to ask for prayers for it. Golden emailed me back to ask for details and share her prayers and expectations for something similar to hit where she lives. Does anything make a friend faster than sharing a joy in the moving of the Lord?

She emailed me again out of the blue several times to check on the revival and on me in general. And every time I saw her name appear in my inbox, I felt a warm rush of friendship for this sweet lady who cares so much.

At the conference last month, HisWriters met for breakfast on Friday. The first person I saw was Golden, who came over to me the moment I entered and gave me a hug. I can definitely say I'm proud to claim this elegant, talented author as my friend.


  1. Awesome post, Golden. It's so great to see how your other friends and fans appreciate you, like I do too. Blessings on the new work in progress.

  2. Great post, Roseanna. It's so neat to find out these precious treasures about fellow writers that make us feel like we know them too (even though we've never met). Thanks for sharing.