Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Remember When . . . Brits Rules the World?

I haven't come across any new, interesting tidbits to pass along from Stray Drop, so I figure I'll jump back to the 20s. I'm there again in my writing, much to my surprise. The short version of "why?" is that an editor who will probably have to turn down Mafia Princess because it's too close to another story they just contracted asked if I had anything else to fit their line. Naturally, my response is to wrack my brain until I do. =)

Those of you who have read my stack of finished manuscripts may remember The Stars and the Sands, about archaeologists in Egypt on the path of something that may or may not be Atlantis. Originally, this was a contemporary novel, half of which was set in Princeton. But I have learned since writing it that it just doesn't work as a contemporary because there's only, like, one guy allowed to excavate in Egypt these days. But in the 20s . . . well, in the 20s, Great Britain had control of Egypt after WWI, and they weren't too picky about who dug it up. Works great for me!

I've done some research and talked to an archaeologist with some experience in that neck of the woods, and it's so cool to see everything click into place. When facts actually match my plot, I know I'm onto something good. Something God-inspired.

So anyway, back to my subject (yes, I have one). Starting in the late 1800s, Egypt became a popular tourist destination for wealthy British and Americans. Gentlemen thought it fun to go poke around in the dirt and see what they could find--then take their loot home with them.

When the gold-laden tomb of King Tut was discovered in 1922, this became more popular than ever. Everyone wanted something Egyptian, Egyptian styled jewelry became all the rage . . . and can you imagine the frustration of the few actual scientists trying to excavate? All these tourists poking around, asking to take their most important finds home with them.

Perfect insight into my hero, eh? I'm having a blast with all these new facts!


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