Jewel of Persia

Jewel of Persia

How can she love the king of kings without forsaking her Lord of lords?

Kasia grew up in a poor Jewish home with more siblings than luxuries. But when a chance encounter forces her to the palace of Xerxes, she becomes a concubine to the richest man in the world. She alone, of all Xerxes' wives, loves the man beneath the crown. She alone, of all his wives, holds the heart of the king of kings.

Traveling with Xerxes through Europe as he mounts a war against Greece, Kasia knows enemies surround her, but they’re not the Spartans or Athenians. The threat lies with those close to the king who hate her people. She determines to put her trust in Jehovah–even if it costs her her marriage.

Years of prayers are answered when Kasia's childhood friend arrives at the palace after the war, but even as she determines to see Esther crowned in place of the bloodthirsty former queen, she knows the true battle is far from over. How far will her enemies go to see her undone?

Combining the biblical account of Esther with Herodotus's Histories, Jewel of Persia is the story of a love that nearly destroys an empire . . . and the friendship that saves a nation.

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Praise for Jewel of Persia

“Few authors capture the heart and soul of Biblical fiction like Roseanna White, a master of mood and majesty whose epic tale Jewel of Persia transcends words on a page to become people, passion and life lessons etched on the heart. From meticulous historical detail and vivid prose to flesh-and-blood characters you almost see, hear and feel, the story of Queen Esther leaps from the pages of history in a manner that will leave you breathless. Easily one of the most haunting books I’ve read this year.”

Julie Lessman
Award-winning author of The Daughters of Boston
and Winds of Changes Series


“Roseanna White’s books always thrill and inspire. When I see one of her titles, I grab it right up, because she writes with such insight and depth. Combine excitement, romance, and multi-dimensional characters with her talent for weaving stories that inspire without being preachy, and you have a ‘Keeper’ on your hands!”

Loree Lough
Author of 77 award-winning novels, including those soon to be released in her “Lone Star Legends” and “First Responders” series.


“This is biblical fiction at its absolute best.  Roseanna White writes fiction saturated with immense truths. You will love this intriguing story of tenderness and nobility, cutthroat suspense and fierce love.  Woven throughout is a bottom line truth; God’s purposes will be fulfilled even in times of battle. A true keeper for every book collector!  Don’t miss out!”

Sharlene MacLaren
Bestselling author of Little Hickman Creek, The Daughters of Jacob Kane, and in 2011, River of Hope
And several stand-alone contemporary novels.

“In Jewel of Persia, Roseanna M. White engages her readers in a beautiful story of the power of love, the strength of friendship, and the faithfulness of our Lord. Ms. White has a remarkable way of whisking her readers back in time with believable characters and a rich, detailed setting. The twists of this plot will leave the reader breathless yet hungrily turning each page for more, and when the last sentence has been read, Jewel of Persia will remain in the heart of the Biblical fiction fan.”

Jen Stephens
Author of The Heart’s Journey Home


“This is the familiar story of Esther but recounted in a fresh, new way. Author Roseanna M. White dishes up quite a love story filled with intrigue and danger, told from a perspective that’s fictional yet entirely believable. . . . If Biblical fiction is your passion, Jewel of Persia is a book you won’t want to miss.”

Michelle Griep
Author of Gallimore


“Jewel of Persia took my breath away! Roseanna White is an amazing storyteller, and as I read this brilliant story, the prose danced off the pages, breathing life into a host of characters. I fell in love with Kasia and Xerxes, and found myself cheering for them, loving them, despite their imperfections. Only a talented author like White could pull that off, and I am humbly impressed with her writing. This author knows the craft. I can’t wait to read more from Roseanna White. She never disappoints.”

Sandi Rog
Author of The Master’s Wall