Create Your Own Spy Name!

If I were a member of the Culper Ring,
 my code name would be Evelyn Pitt. 
What would yours be?

How the Culpers came to be the Culpers

Ever wonder how spies develop their aliases? Well, here’s how the Culper Ring got theirs. They started with the initials of the head of intelligence—Charles Scott, C.S. Then they reversed them—S.C. This would be the initials of the primary Culper officer. For the “C,” Washington chose a place he had fond memories of, Culpeper County, Virginia, where he worked as a lad. Then he shortened it to Culper. For the “S,” Tallmadge (the head officer of the ring) decided on “Samuel,” his younger brother’s name, and a good friend of the man who would be adopting the identity. So there we have it! Samuel Culper, the creation that became the bane of the British.



Let's Create Our Name!


1. Start with a name of a teacher, parent, or boss  

I'm going to pick Patricia Egan, one of my favorite bosses from my college days

2. Take their initials and reverse 'em

So P.E. becomes E.P.


3. Think of a place important to you that starts with the second initial  

I'm going to pick Pittsburgh, because it's the closest major city whose sports teams we like

4. Shorten, lengthen, or otherwise alter the place name into a surname   

So Pittsburgh becomes Pitt. No relation to Brad, ahem. ;-)

5. Think of a family member or friend whose name begins with the first initial
(not the same one you got the name from!)

E, in my family, is for Evelyn.
My great-grandmother's name, and the middle name of my grandmother, mom, and daughter.

So there you have it! Who are you??


  1. Wanda Engles. But let me just say that I didn't have a choice on the first name and not much of one on the second. LOL I only know one woman whose name starts with W. Fortunately I love her to death. :o)

  2. This is fun!

    Mine would be Mariah Gray.

  3. I'm Sophinah Monte!

    ~Robyn Hoode

  4. This is awesome! I'm Lexa Childs.

  5. I'm Eleanor Russ. This is so fun!

  6. Ellen Toma ( Maxie Anderson)

  7. Replies
    1. Another Evelyn! A pleasure to make your acquaintance, Ms. Richardson. =)

  8. Have to go with Ulysses Anchor...oh my. I simply don't know people whose names start with a U except for my own last name! Which I can't use...but Ulysses is better than Ursula, don't you think?

  9. How fun....think I will share this with my 8 yr old grandson, he would have fun with this.....

    My name is Sandra O'Lina

    Blessings,Tina (AKA Sandra)

  10. Jane Jrjam - But that name is so common - yes, I used my grandma's name I am named after. jrs362 at hotmail dot com

  11. Dakota Henry


  12. Valencia Southerland.

    (Okay, that was a lot of fun!)

  13. My two siblings and I created a family of spies;-)

    My name is Jubilee Kent.
    My sister's is Rose Kent.
    And my brother's is Judah Kent (Judah seemed like a strong, masculine name:-)

    We had a lot of fun and even bickered a little over our names!:-)

    1. That's so awesome! And very much in keeping with Culper tradition. =)

  14. Samantha Scott.

    Kathleen ~ Lane Hill House

  15. Hannah Cadero:) Love this, by the way:)


  16. I'm cheri Jackson

  17. Mine is Fiona Cabri. :D Awesome!

  18. And KC will be...

    Frances Sand
    That IS fun! Thanks so much!!! :)

  19. I'm Miss Elizabeth Abaz

  20. Abigail Muse. (Muse = Museum for the Creation Museum near Cincinnati, Ohio. It's not a town, but it is a place.)

  21. May I introduce myself, I am, Liz Dorothea.

    Explanation on how it came to life: I used an older male physician who was my pediatrician when I was a child, I loved him! He was Dr. L (cannot spell his last name). Then I went to city I went to after I was born due to serious health problems. Finally, my grandmother's name name was Elizabeth and nieces name is Dorothy. So there you have it! I love it!

    Our secret now! Sssh!

  22. I'm Catherine Dall. :)

  23. Dent Merriam
    (Merriam just happens to be my actual last name ;p)

  24. Mercy Oak (Shortened my granddaughters name and the city name)