A Hero's Promise

A Hero's Promise ~ Book 2.5 (free novella)January 1, 2014

A Hero's Promise
~ Book 2.5  FREE NOVELLA!

January 1835 ~ Baltimore, Maryland 

 Julienne “Lenna” Lane has already had to postpone her wedding three times. With only two days until their nuptials, Naval Lieutenant Jack Arnaud finally makes it home from a harrowing tour of duty…but something vital has shifted in their world. Can Lenna put Jack’s career at risk by sharing the secrets she has kept during his absence? And what is he keeping from her? Jack has never wanted anything to come between him and Lenna, but he cannot bring her into the Culper Ring—and his homecoming is met with a clandestine task of the utmost importance. Will satires and runaways and assassination plots come between them? Or will the promise they made as mere children hold them together still?


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