Thursday, January 25, 2018

Thoughtful About - A New Adventure

I totally stole the title inspiration for this blog...from the other person embarking on this adventure with me. ;-) I think she'll forgive me. (Check out her post here

So, a few weeks ago my husband said, as he has said many a time before, "You need an assistant. You should really consider hiring someone." In the past, I always just waved off that suggestion because...well...I don't know. Because figuring out how to delegate work is work in and of itself, I guess.

But I'm staring down the barrel of quite a lot of deadlines, and this time the advice really hit home. I do need an assistant. Someone to handle some of the minutia of book releases and promotions, to help keep me on schedule and do some of my scheduling. Someone who can handle the non-creative parts of my job, so that I can focus on the creative parts.

The next morning, I shocked my husband by putting together a list of things I could have an assistant do, and posting to my launch team that I was looking for someone. To my mind, who better to go to first than the readers who are already my cheerleaders and promoters?? I was shocked to get a big response from my post. I thought I might get one or two interested people, who may or may not be serious. Instead, I was flooded with emails from a collection of wonderful, gracious people with experience and a passion for helping authors.

After a whole lot of prayer and quite a lot of emails, I've hired Rachel Dixon as my virtual assistant, and I'm so excited to begin this new chapter with her! Maybe most people wouldn't feel the need to post about hiring someone, LOL, but I do. Because the way I view it (and the way Rachel views it, hence why she was a good match for me) is that what we're doing is building a team. We're working together toward a common goal. Serving authors as an assistant is Rachel's calling, and serving readers as a writer is my calling. So the fact that we can work side by side for the Lord...well, that's pretty awesome.

So to Rachel, welcome to the team--your heart for this work really touched me, and I'm super excited to be working with you!

To my readers, I know this move is going to help me get more, better stories to you, and also allow me to be more interactive.

I can't wait to see where the adventure takes us. Here's hoping and praying it's to new heights in faith, friendship, and productivity. 😉


  1. Thank you Roseanna! I am so very blessed!

  2. Rachel is awesome! You will make a great team! Many will be blessed!

  3. Yay! Y'all are going to be a great team!

  4. Congrats! Rachel is a sweetheart! I wish you both a wonderful adventure together!! (And I’m a tiny bit jealous!)

  5. I have to say, you picked a winner. I have always noticed, in the virtual world, how sweet & kind Rachel is. Happy for you both! ~Heather ♡♡♡