Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Book Club Chat via Skype!

Book clubs = fun. At least I think so. ;-) So I'm being a bit experimental with my Facebook Live program and seeing how it goes to run an online book club discussion there as a video! Now, there's a bit of lag between writing of comments and appearance of comments in my feed, so I'm thinking the best way to have a good conversation is to have a few people actual TALKING about the book. How? Skype! Through the magic of all that technology stuff, we'll be having a panel of talkers right there in the video feed with me.

We'll be going through the discussion questions in the back of the book...and following any rabbit trails we might get distracted by. ;-) Interested in joining me via Skype? If you've read Giver of Wonders (or can do so in the next week) and want to be part of the fun, let me know!


1. You've read the book
2. You have Skype
3. You'll be available between 6-8 p.m. next Monday, 4 December

If that's you, then let me know! You can either comment here (with contact info please) or shoot me an email at and I'll be in touch. (If by chance I get more volunteers than we can handle, I'll choose by a combination of who contacted me first and what will build a well-rounded group.)

If this goes well, I'll be doing it for ALL my book releases and others upon request! So you could have a chance to join me for other books even if you can't on this one!

Even if you can't join me through Skype, I hope you can join me for the discussion in the comment section of the video!


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