Monday, October 2, 2017

Just for fun . . . Punkin Chunkin

Usually I prepare my week's blog posts on Sunday. But I didn't yesterday. Why, you ask? Because we were out of the house by 7 to head down to my family's farm. The first Sunday of October every year, they run a Fall Festival full of pumpkins, apples, crafts, and hayrides.

Naturally, this event is just begging for some good old fashioned Punkin Chunkin. ;-)

A few years ago, we built a massive slingshot and ran some Chunkin to support some missionary friends of ours who were planning a trip to Bulgaria. This year, the same group from my church decided to finish the trebuchet they've had in the works for years, in order to support a mission trip to Houston in a couple weeks. My uncle and his wife suffered from the flooding so many residents did--they're kinda of long-distance members of our church, watching the broadcast every week, so we're sending some men down to help them repair their home. And once they have boots on the ground, they'll see what else they can do to help out in the neighborhood too!

So it started with some very fun flinging of pumpkins and watermelons. Though we were a bit nervous at the start when we couldn't get the sling to release the things--it had worked fine on Friday!--it was soon goinging like clockwork. My husband (the one in the red shirt in the video), calculates that we ended up sending over 300 pumpkins to their deaths in that poor field over the course of 6ish hours, averaging 2-3 flings a minute in our busy hours.

And he's already planning for next year. ;-)

Just so you know why there was no Word of the Week today, LOL. But I'll get some other posts ready for later in the week, I promise!


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