Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Launch Team Sign-Up Coming Tomorrow!!

It's that time again--time to collect influencers for A Name Unknown!

What's an influencer? It's someone who agrees to help spread the word about my book through:

* Reviews (copies are sent out to my team)
* Word of mouth
* Posts on social media (memes with quotes, photos when your book arrives, etc.)
* Asking your local library/bookstores to order/carry it
* Generally just being a pal and getting the word out there!

Interested? The sign-up form for influencers new to my team will go live tomorrow, Wednesday 10 May, 2017 at 2 p.m. EDT. The form will stay open only 24 hours.

I only have 15 slots to fill at this point, after rolling over previous readers interested in joining me for the new adventure, so new influencers will be chosen based on your ideas for helping out and/or your track record as a reviewer.


  1. Yippee yi yo! I have no idea what time that will be in Australia, but I'm going to find out ��

  2. I will be happy to help promote the new book. I enjoyed helping promote Giver of Wonders. :-)

  3. So excited!!! I hope I make the cut, but if not.. I will still read :-)

  4. Love to spread the word about your newest!!! Our library now has the entire Ladies of the Manor series after I loaned my copy to the librarian. We're hooked and can't wait for more!