Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Remember When . . . We Chose Coffee Over Tea?

First, you might notice a new background on the ol' blog. That would be because I try to keep it consistent with my main website, which just a much needed overhaul. Feel free to check out the new website at -- currently it's fairly basic, but soon there will be a shop section where you can purchase signed books from me. =D

As for today--it's my day on Colonial Quills! Today I'm musing about how and why America became a country of coffee drinkers. Come on by!
I'm a coffee drinker. Oh, I love tea too, but when the day is new and I make my way out to the kitchen to start my morning, tea doesn't cut it. It's coffee who has my affections just then.

When traveling in England last autumn, I quickly learned that where the American culture has leaned heavily toward coffee in recent centuries, the same cannot be said for England. Though you can buy a cup of perked coffee from any restaurant or bakery, it's not made as often at home--and when it is, it's usually with a French press, which is lovely, but doesn't make a whole pot like American families might be accustomed to. Which meant that when I got home, one of the best parts was having my coffee again. ;-)
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  1. I am a tea drinker. :-) My parents always enjoyed coffee, but, for me, it's tea. :-)

  2. I agree there is something about coffee with cream that just gets me... I love my caramel drizzle by folgers or Jamacin Me Crazy by Masters Touch Made here in New York ! add vanilla creamer and I am a happy woman !
    Linda Marie Finn
    Faithful Acres Books