Friday, January 27, 2017

New Look, New Store, Free Gift!

Apparently I totally forgot to blog on Thursday--but for good reason. I was finishing the set-up of my new online store, from which you can purchase signed copies of my books!

I've been wanting to set this up for months but kept shying away from the time commitment--and figuring out how to redo the site in general. But after fiddling with all week, it's finally live.

And to celebrate, I'm offering a free gift on all orders that come in on or before Sunday 29 January 2017 ~ a WhiteFire book that I'll handpick to go along with each order.

So feel free to browse through my new site and check out the shop ~ if you've been thinking you need a paperback copy or are looking for a great gift, signed books are always good choices. (Any books are good choices. Rarely do I give a gift that doesn't involve a book. LOL.)

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