Wednesday, September 21, 2016

And then there's Cayton . . .

I knew it would be  a little tricky, making my hero in book 3 a man who wasn't exactly likeable in the first two books. But that was part of the challenge.

In book 1, we see Cayton marry for money and break the heart of Brook's cousin. In book 2, we see him newly widowed and overwhelmed by the guilt of having never come to love his wife.

I do have a soft spot for characters who need redemption, and Cayton was certainly one of those! As A Lady Unrivaled begins, he has already repented, he has already determined to be the man God wants him to be . . . he's just finding it more difficult to accept forgiveness than it had been to ask for it.

Naturally, this is what makes him so much fun!

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  1. Roseanna, I love how you developed Cayton's character! It shows how God does forgive us even when we think we are unforgivable. Great job!