Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Remember When . . . New Features Were Added?

What a busy week! Last Tuesday I finished Giver of Wonders, which was a fabulous feeling. I'm waiting on a certain something to happen before sharing with you all some certain exciting in the meantime, I've been catching up on some of my design work.

Over the summer I discovered a site where authors post about their projects and the price they'll pay for a cover, then designers compete to make the winning design. It's fun (if unpredictable), and I found some new clients that way...and I also designed a lot of covers that never got used. I really love some of these covers, so that seemed like a waste to me, LOL. So I just launched a new feature on my design website!

Most indie authors have heard of pre-made covers. It's pretty simple. The main design work is done, so they're cheaper than having a cover designed from scratch. But for that cheaper price, you only get very limited customization. Your title, your name, your spine size and back cover copy if it's for paperback. That's it. Further customization can certainly be done, but it'll bump the price back up into the realm of where it would normally be.

My pre-made cover section just went live last night! I don't have all the categories filled out yet, but there are at least a couple in each one. So if you've been considering a cover or just want to browse, feel free to head over to Roseanna White Designs and see what's there! (And yes, I designed a zombie cover. Because, come on, how fun is that??)

If ever you purchase a pre-made cover from me, rest assured it is still unique. I will take them down after purchase, so there's nod anger of someone else running around with YOUR cover, just a different title. ;-)

And I also designed two covers for WhiteFire this week. Watcha think?

Love, Lace, and Minor Alterations is a romantic comedy coming in June from debut author V. Joy Palmer. Think Say Yes to the Dress meets Christian comedy. This girl has some amazing voice going on!

This non-fiction book by Christine Lindsay is the book of her heart--the one in which she shares the struggle of giving up her daughter for adoption, and the long road to healing...and finding each other again. Finding Sarah, Finding Me has sections written by Sarah, her birthdaughter, and other contributors who have been on both side of the adoption story.


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