Thursday, August 6, 2015

Thoughtful About . . . I'm Not Called

I'm not called to build a wall.
Just a section of it.

I'm not called to change a nation.
Just a family.

I'm not called to right all wrongs.
Just my wrongs.

I'm not called to understand it all.
Just to seek understanding through Him.

I'm not called to single-handedly fund the church.
Just to give my part.

I'm not called to be the best friend of everyone.
Just of those God has given me.

I'm not called to win awards.
Just to glorify Him with my efforts.

I'm not called to have the best of the best.
Just to be a good steward of what I'm given.

I'm not called to be everything to everyone.
Just to be be His.

I'm not called to do your part.
Just to do mine.

But if we all do ours...

Then the wall gets built.
The nation changes.
The world improves.
Understanding grows.
Things get done.
Love spreads.
Good deeds are the order of the day.
God is glorified through what our hands touch.

And the world will look and say, "There is a people whose God is the Lord."

Blessed be the name of the Lord.


  1. I absolutely love this Roseanna! Such a powerful poem and one that resonates what God has putting on my heart of late! Thank you so much for sharing!

    1. I think God's speaking this to many of us!

  2. Can I use this on Sunday with credit, please? It will tie into my sermon.