Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Remember When . . . Pirates Roamed New York?

It's the 4th Wednesday of the month, which means my turn on Colonial Quills! Today I'm talking about pirates (arrrr!)--but not the in Caribbean, like we're used to thinking. These pirates roamed New York City! Hop on over to read about it!

Who isn't a fan of a good pirate tale? But when we think of Colonial-era pirates, we usually imagine warm Caribbean waters and palm trees, white sand beaches with those ships looming in the harbor. We don't usually think of America's northeast--but we should. In the late 1600s, one of the most bustling pirate dens wasn't Port Royal or Tortuga. It was the City of New York.  Read the Full Article


  1. Great article!! :-) fascinating!

  2. Very interesting Roseanna. I never thought about pirates being actually welcomed in society of New York.