Monday, April 6, 2015

Spring Break

It's not that I'm not blogging just because we're taking some days off school this week . . . I'm not blogging because all my blogging time this weekend (when I usually prepare the week's blogs) was spent at church, the nursing home ministering, and at my family's big egg hunt, LOL.

But hey, it's a good time to refresh and regroup and bask in the world of sunshine and greening grass! So a couple quick notes:

1.) I'm in the ACFW Foundation's silent auction, which ends today, 4/6/15. At this point there's only one bid on the book cover design I donated, so someone is likely to get a great deal on it! If you're looking for a cover design and would like to help out ACFW's scholarship fund, take a look at the silent auction!

My Listing:
Whole Auction:

2.) My determination to replace "Easter" with "Resurrection Day" is off to a good start, though it's going to take a few years to break a habit so long ingrained!

3.) It's starting to look like spring out there!!!!!!!! Go out and enjoy it! ;-)


  1. Since your post I plan to call Easter Resurrection Day as it really resonated with my Spirit! Hope you have a great spring break! :) I know this week I plan to start walking every day!

  2. Have a relaxing week until next weekend.