Thursday, March 5, 2015

Thoughtful About . . . Quite a Week!

It's been a crazy-busy week (aren't they all?), and I wanted to take today to regroup, draw your attention to some things, and...well, frankly, go teach the canal class at my kids' homeschool group. ;-)

First of all, I want to announce the launch of the website for Roseanna White Designs! I finally bit the bullet and built a page specifically for my designing business. My favorite feature of the website is on the homepage--if you scroll down, there's a testimonials section where the quote pops up as you hover over the thumbnail image that it goes with. Super fun!

Another fun aspect that I hope will set it apart from some other websites is my Behind the Design blog that's attached--and which will have all the behind-the-scenes posts I do here too. =)

But there was something else that launched this week too--Dauntless, the young adult medieval romance/adventure written by my good friend, critique partner, and fellow editor at WhiteFire, Dina Sleiman!

To celebrate the launch, Bethany House is offering a truly awesome giveaway, which includes as first prize a cute heart-and-arrow necklace and a $250 Amazon gift card (woot!), and as second prize, a bow and arrow set and a leather backpack! Check out the giveaway!


  1. Totally checking out everything on your sight now! Makes me wish I had a book you could design just because haha

    1. LOL. My hubby said, "Tell her to fill out the cover questionnaire and give you some money, and you can make one up for a book that doesn't even exist." ;-)