Thursday, March 26, 2015

Thoughtful About . . . A Prayer Request

The Black Sea coast in Bulgaria

Since we began using Sonlight curriculum for our homeschooling when Xoe was in 1st grade, we've read a lot of missionary stories--and honestly, those stories are some of the best things we've read (in my opinion), even amidst all the literature I absolutely adore.

Maybe it's because I love hearing how the light of Christ has been shone around the world. Maybe it's because I'm always awed at hearing how He protects and provides for those living out the Great Commission. Maybe it's because even the losses and sacrifices and martyrs still portray His greatness.

I've never felt the call to go into foreign missions myself, much as I admire those who do. My mission field is behind a computer, using the written word, and it's something I'm passionate about--passionate in the true sense, something I'm willing to suffer for (which is where passion comes from). But I take great joy in supporting those missionaries who do go out into the world.

Today, I'm sending off my husband on a missions trip. He's traveling with a family that has long been friends of mine. They were full time missionaries for much of my growing-up years, and now the couple feel the call to return to Bulgaria, where they served for several years before. David is going along to try to help them find business opportunities to help employ the people in the gypsy village they hope to call home, and to provide resources for this couple too.

You may recall my post a few months ago about Stolen Blessings--these are the same people, the same general area in Bulgaria.

And so, I ask today that you pray. Pray for smooth travels into Eastern Europe. Pray for open doors where they're meant to stride through and closed doors where they're not. Pray for supernatural understanding. For wisdom. For knowledge. For the glory of the Lord to show up in ways no one expected. For divine appointments and blessings unforeseen. And of course, for safe, uneventful travels back home again.

The kids and I will be here, carrying on with business as usual. And praying. Lots. =) Thanks so much for joining me in those prayers!


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