Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Remember When . . . They Were All Blinged Out?

In my upcoming Ladies of the Manor Series with Bethany House, my main characters are largely comprised of the British nobility. And because of certain reasons, jewelry comes up rather often. For book covers and whatnot I've had to search out photos, so I thought it would be fun to share some of my visual aids here. =)

In book 1, The Lost Heiress, Brook has a necklace she wears all the time. It's Victorian in its styling, with a gold filigree connecting two strands of pearls, with two dangling pearls from the filigree. Something sorta-kinda like this, though this image isn't awesome.
But she inherits quite a bit more jewelry from her mother too. Like a ruby and diamond bracelet.,d.eXY&psig=AFQjCNFzl3ALgpvC3hOoUVy97JRrvTQcRw&ust=1425912357811741

And an emerald and diamond necklace.,d.eXY&psig=AFQjCNFwRQJh7tuhtHng5NOskKW-ST1fug&ust=1425912472258175

In book 2, The Reluctant Duchess, Rowena brings only one substantial piece of jewelry with her--a brooch with her family plaid.
She soon receives, however, the legendary Sussex ruby set. Which primarily features a ruby necklace that I envision to look something like this.
There's a matching bracelet, but rather than those small earrings featured with this set (which is actually red crystals and not rubies, but you know--we're just going for style here, LOL), I instead describe a dangling set...which Rowena can't wear, not having pierced ears.

The earrings will, however, be borrowed by my heroine for book 3, Ella. (The book is tentatively titled The Waiting Lady, though that will likely change. Still noodling stronger, more provocative words than "Waiting"--ideas???) Anyhoo. I describe the earrings as having 3 rubies on each one, dangling in tiers. Kinda like these, though with an extra level.
Having not actually, ahem, written any of book 3 yet, I don't know what other bling Lady Ella might end up with. ;-) But I have a definite love for the pretty baubles, so you can be sure something will come up. =)


  1. Maybe one of these fit your third Lady, hopeful, expectant, or vigilant desirous, yearning

    I am hopeful, expectant, vigilant, desirous, and yearning for your next books. Does that say waiting? I didn't use patiently in there either. Thanks for the time you put into writing great books.

  2. Wow definitely blingy!

  3. Oh yeah. Love the bling! I look forward to these stories, Roseanna. A lot. :)