Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Thoughtful About . . . My Boy

Today is one of those milestones (so forgive me for posting my "thoughtful" post a day early, LOL). My baby turned 7. My youngest, my little guy. Proving yet again that time marches ever onward.

So as is my tradition, I figure I'll take time out of my normal scheduled blogging today to talk a bit about my awesome little guy.

For starters, I have a hard time finding a picture these days, because he's so much like his papa--he likes being behind a camera, but has developed an aversion to being in front of one, LOL. This is from his party. You won't find him in the shot. ;-)

Rowyn is an inquisitive little guy, and he loves learning. His favorite books are his Lego Build book and his Dino Encyclopedia. (Yes, non-fiction. Can you hear me weeping? Sniff, sniff.) He loves science, is awesome at math, and likes to pretend he can't read very well...until he wants to, then lo and behold, he can read most anything he sees.
Candy bridge (why, what do you do with yours?)

Though he often still says he wants to be an artist when he grows up, he also thinks it would be fun to be a digger. And a race car driver. And a rock star (though he doesn't like being on stage any more than he likes having his picture taken). And...he just admitted last week...a builder.
Lego Dragon: "Fully articulated!" says Rowyn

This is where he really shines right now. This kid will build in absolutely any medium. String and toothpicks become bridges for his toys. Halloween candy isn't just for eating, it's for building a Candy Kingdom with. Blocks, Legos, boxes...all fodder for his rich engineering imagination. I love seeing what he comes up with...and after Christmas or a birthday, you may just hear me saying, "Please, Rowyn, can we take a break from building things for just a few minutes? Please??" LOL
Rowyn, age 4, building with wood scraps

Of my two, he's the busier--always playing, building, drawing. But he's also the cuddler. I joke that I must have a magnet in my lap, because I can't sit down near him without him climbing up and plopping down. I can always count on that 6 a.m. "Mama!" to be followed by hugs and cuddles. He loves to laugh, hates to be apart from his sister, and doesn't need to be reprimanded for hitting nearly as much as he used to be. ;-) Though in some ways he refuses to be independent, in other ways, he takes pride in being self-sufficient...usually in the ways I wish he wouldn't, LOL. ("No, Rowyn, don't try to cut that yourself! Rowyn, don't climb up on that, just ask me to get it off the shelf for you! Buddy, you can't operate that equipment on your own...") He's my helper in the kitchen, though if ever I suggest he learn how to be a chef someday, he gives me a look that says, "No way, crazy woman."

This kid's dimples always get me, and his laugh is one of the bright spots in my days--it's straight from the belly, unrestrained. Though he often goes silent around other folks, he spends his days with rarely a quiet moment at home. When he isn't talking or making appropriate sound effects for his toys, he's singing--and rarely a song that isn't an original Rowyn. (So who knows, maybe he will overcome the stage-aversion thing and be a rock star, LOL.)
Ro "stealing kisses" in Dec. 2013

I'm so incredibly blessed to have these two amazing little people in my life. So incredibly blessed to get to spend my days teaching them and learning with them, watching their every discovery and seeing how they grow. I love seeing them come into the gifts and talents God has given them.

And so glad to get to wish my little guy a happy 7th birthday. May this year be filled with discovery, love, and laughter, Ro-boat!


  1. This was a beautiful post, Proud Mama!

  2. LOVED this!!! He sounds like an original - a very special one. ;) My 8 year old loves to pretend she cannot read. And then when it's not required of her she reads everything in sight. *sigh* Oh those silly kids. Drives me batty! (and gets me in trouble with my mother-in-law "can't she read yet? Aren't you teaching her that yet?" LOL)