Thursday, August 21, 2014

Thoughtful About . . . Random Things

This marked our first full week of homeschool. And I admit it--I haven't adjusted yet. I'm still a wee bit frazzled by how much long it's taking us this year (so far--hopefully it'll streamline a bit), and what that means in terms of time to do other things. So I figured today, I'd just chat about some random things.

* That homeschool. Yeesh! I forgot how much longer 1st grade takes than Kindergarten. But adding in that extra amount of work for Rowyn...all of which must be hands-on for me at this point...puts another hour or so on my instructional day. I wasn't prepared for that! But both kids are doing great with their respective work.

However, my brain is back is Edwardian Yorkshire. Because, you see...

* Last Thursday, on my birthday, I got to have an editorial call with my new editor, on The Lost Heiress. Maybe some people wouldn't want to schedule such a thing for their birthday, but I knew well I'd have fun--and I did. I love talking story. I was emailed seven pages of notes, compiled from three different editors, and we went through them point by point. I had an hour before the call to review them and brainstorm, and oh my gracious. Such fun!

See, as a writer, I'm not a this-is-the-only-way-it-can-happen person. (Most of the time.) I'm constantly daydreaming about what ifs for my stories. Coming up with alternate ways the characters could reach the same places. So when an editor says, "This could be stronger," I just have to tap on that door of imagination and let the ideas fly. It's So. Much. Fun for me. =D

So in the week that's followed, I've been spending all the time I can on those revisions. Of course, it being the first week of school, that's not as much time as I would like...


* I'm adding words! Yikes! LOL. I'm going to have to go back afterward and trim some other parts down, to get that word count back down on target. Not the fun part.

* I need a haircut. I have an appointment for next Thursday, but I have no idea what I want. Right now it's about 3 inches below my shoulders. I like the length, but I want some life in it. Suggestions??

* My poor cat has had UTI for two months now. She's been on antibiotics since mid-June. The oral ones made her puke, and the injections don't seem to be helping. Which means she's showing me her pain by making messes. I'm about at my wit's end there...

* I'm making French onion soup tomorrow! Woot!

* And I should probably go take a shower before it's time for school again. So until next time, there's the randomness from the brain of Roseanna.

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  1. Love the randomness! :) I need to take a shower as well because I need some groceries, but am very unmotivated at the moment! Haha! I hope your cat gets better!