Thursday, May 8, 2014

Thoughtful About . . . The End (Again)

I reached a major milestone on Sunday--I finished my book, for the, er... (one...two...three) fourth time. And I'm talking the fourth total, complete, toss out every scene previously written and start from scratch rewrite.

It's a pretty awesome feeling to finish a book any time. But when it's a book you first wrote "The End" on at age 13? Yeah--I'm still a little shocked that I'm doing it again, LOL, and so incredibly thrilled that I'm doing it again because that book, the one whose premise I came up with at age 12, is contracted by Bethany House. I can't think of a much better example of how God leads us on some crazy paths that last a lifetime! (I had a guest post up on the rather amazing journey of this book on Go Teen Writers last week. If you haven't seen it yet, Read It Here.)

Making the feeling even better is that I really love the new setting I gave the story, and the new elements and plots that got worked in--or worked back in. In every previous version, Brook (my heroine) was an orphan. The legalities of that were tricky though, for things like inheritance laws, so I decided in this version that her father still needed to be alive.
Whitby Abbey ruins - close to the new setting of the book
and where a big scene happens
Photo by Chris Kirk

And oh my goodness. That changed everything--in ways I love! She now reunites with him in the first couple chapters, and their journey added such depth to the story--it just makes me grin to think about it.

In the first two versions, I put a great deal of emphasis on Brook's maid. That's something I took out in version 3 and its various revisions for a number of reasons. But I re-introduced the below-stairs point of view in this one, and I was so happy to get to do so. I love that dichotomy too, of the two different perspectives who both get to realize that family is family, no matter the circumstances.

I'm now to the point where I get to let the MS rest for a little while before I dive into edits and trim it down to size (not as much trimming required as usual! LOL). For me, that means editing A Soft Breath of Wind and a slew of WhiteFire books in the meantime. I'm putting the finishing touches right now on WhiteFire's historical that comes out next week, Sweet Mountain Music, and having a blast. The characters in SMM are on the hunt for a certain legendary ape creature said to haunt the Cascades, and it's a story that will make you laugh and sigh and cheer them on.

In not so happy news, one of the reasons I forgot to blog yesterday is that Rowyn woke up with a sore, swollen knee and spent the first hour of the morning (my blog writing time) on my lap. With no injury to link to this, we took him to the doctor, who suspects it might be juvenile arthritis. We would certainly appreciate prayers about this!

Hope everyone's enjoying May thus far, and that all you moms have a special weekend planned. =)


  1. In Isaiah (53:5) it says by Jesus' stripes we are healed - not [future] will be healed when we get to heaven, not [present progressive] are in the process of being healed, but [simple present] ARE HEALED right now today. So God, we declare that truth in Rowyn's body that he is healed now today, that the swelling is gone, that there is NO arthritis, and there is no more pain, in Jesus' name, Amen!

    1. Amen and Amen. I AM standing in total agreement on this!