Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Remember When . . . School Helped?

Yes, this is posting way late. Because I kinda forgot it was Wednesday. Because I was kinda caught up in writing A Soft Breath of Wind. Which I kinda can't apologize for. ;-) But here, belated, are some random historical thoughts, LOL.
Fresco of a Roman merchant boat

We historical writers always run into some of the same problems, no matter what era we're writing in. One of mine is "How long did it take to get from point A to point B?" By boat. Or horse. Or on foot. Or, eventually, by train. Where were the roads? The ports? Did they have docks? How did they get from boat to shore? How far would they have been from town?

These are the kinds of logistical questions that can drive me absolutely batty, because the answers can be hard to find.

Sometimes though, they come from the strangest places--like my daughter's school books, for instance.

A couple weeks ago, we were reading through the assigned pages of The Awesome Book of Bible Facts, the pages about Roman travel. Xoe was not so interested--I, however, found it fascinating. Diagrams of their roads--details about their sea travel--time it took to sail from Jerusalem to Rome--BE STILL, MY HEART!


Yes, we must take our information where we can find it, check it where we can, and run with it.

I'm running right now. Because, finally, Samuel and Benjamin and company are aboard one of Titus's vessels, on their way from the port at Joppa to Ostia, the port near Rome. One month, give or take, it shall take them, and then they're home.

I'll get to write my reunion scene. Which also happens to be a pretty big explosion, my mid-point pivot. Of course, in the meantime I have a couple hearts to crush and character hopes to dash to set them up for this, so do excuse me. Much to do. ;-)


  1. Of course. Keep working. Go crush some hearts, pop some egos, and kill some spirits. By all means.

  2. VERY cool - that looks like a super book too - and you get to writing, young lady :) Wanna see that one when it's done. Got it?